Introduction: DIY Glowing LED Skull LESS THAN $10

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This is my under $10 Instructable made in my robotics class which has alternating LED Lights and requires only 2 CR2032 batteries to power.


3v Lithium 2032 Coin Batteries 10 for 4.50 (90 for 2)

Breadboard Male to Female Jumper Wires 40 for $4.99 (4 for $.50)

2xCR2032 Coin Button Cell Battery Holder Case on/off Switch Black $4.23 (1 for 1.41)

Velleman MK 102 Flashing LED Kit $2.99

Pumpkin Halloween prop Dollar store


Soldering iron


Soldering tip cleaner




Step 1: Soldering

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DO NOT DO STEPS 5 & 6 Yet Wait Till End Will Use Battery Cell & Jumper Wires

Step 1: Attach 1k resistors (Brown,Black,Red) to R1 & R2 then Solder

Step 2:Attach 10k resistors(Brown,Black,Orange) to R3 R4 then Solder

Step 3: Place Trimmers into Circuit Board (Both are 220k): RV1 & RV2 then Solder

Step 4: Place transistors into :T1 & T2 then Solder (It is fine if it sticks out a bit make sure it is flat though.)

Step 5 Solder jumper wires into circuit board: LD1 & LD2 then Solder

Step 6:Attach LEDs to jumper wires (Make sure negative side of LED is connected to negative side of jumper wire)

Step 7: Solder Battery Holder into circuit board: 9V (Solder into corresponding sides)

Step 8:Place Batteries into Battery holder then turn on

Step 2: End Result

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Change jumper wires for fitting length depending on Prop.

Step 3:


tomatoskins (author)2016-11-01

This is great! I'd love to see how it looks in the skull.

jiancarlo_p (author)tomatoskins2016-11-01

At the very bottom click next then click on the Movie attachment

tomatoskins (author)jiancarlo_p2016-11-02

I see! You should upload your video to YouTube so you can embed it. This would make it viewable on the site vs needing to download a video.

jiancarlo_p (author)tomatoskins2016-11-02

will do bud

tomatoskins (author)jiancarlo_p2016-11-02

That looks great!

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