DIY Glowing Mini Jar





Introduction: DIY Glowing Mini Jar

This is my 2nd Instructables.

I update this because many peoples says its more good with more feature. Thanks for @zikzak1, @rjkorn, @Jan_Henrik, and @shizumadrive

Step 1: What You'll Need

-Two AA Battery 1.5 v
-AA Battery Case with a button on there
-Mini Glass Jar with a rubber cap

-Flourscent/Highlighter Ink

-One White/Ultraviolet LED

Step 2: Soldering

Solder the wire from the AA Battery Case with the LED

sorry, no pictures

Step 3: Put the LED

Make a hole in the rubber cap, then put the LED to the rubber bottle cap

Step 4: Battery

Put the battery, u also can put rechargeable battery on the battery case



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    The idea is good, but please put some more instructions/explainings in ;)

    yes. I'm curious what the jar is

    you can get the jar from nail painting or medicine case

    medicine I've never see look like that but nail polish I hadn't thought of. Wife never uses the stuff so I dont see the bottles much.

    did you dilute the ink?

    I'd like to make larger ones.

    maybe water or alcohol or acetone.....

    yes, i dilute the ink

    Guys, i was update it

    That liquid is fluorescent... Try it with a ultraviolet LED ☺

    i gotta try it with uv leds at both end of a 1/4" tube of the liquid

    needs more instructions but still got the main idea