Introduction: DIY Glowing Mouse Pad

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A Glowing mouse pad..

Step 1: Materials Needed

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This informations and pictures belongs to an respective owner (Sent by my co-forum mate through email)

1. 10mm thick clear acrylic
2. 4pcs 3v 5mm blue led light
3. 4pcs 47ohms resistor
4. spare usb cable
5. heatshrinks
6. electrical tape
7. vinyl sticker
8. pencil
9. ruler
10. polishing compound

1. dremel with
1.a. cutting disk
1.b. drillbit attachement
1.c. polisher
2. files
3. soldering gun

NOTE: always wear an eyeglass for protection.

the pad works well with an optical mice

Step 2: Making the Acrylic

Picture of Making the Acrylic

1. Create a desired design of your own by drawing in a small paper ( collective design ), as for myself, I drew it on computer using a vector progam, Adobe Illustrator, printed it out for use as a pattern.

2. Draw your design on your 10mm acrylic, still with sheet cover (do not remove it), or stick the printed pattern. One side is enough for the drawing.

3. Use your dremel, mine is 350D with flex-shaft attachement, using a drill bit to cut-cut off the design. Please use your safety goggles because it will be hot and scraps are flying wildy. You may end up with burnt skin too.

4. Pile the acrylic to give a smoother surface.

5. Use a torch, if necessary and if you have any, to melt the acrylic and it will give a shinny effect.

6. Check where will be your top area, drill a hole for your USB cable.

7. Make also an X pattern for your LEDs placement.

Step 3: The Electronics

Picture of The Electronics

Part 2 - Electronics

1. Prepare your spare USB cable, 4pcs 3v 5mm blue led light, and 4pcs 47ohms resistor. Tools to be use are cutter, electrical tape, heat shrinks, soldering gun & iron.
2. cut one end of the usb cable (usually the female), separate the four (4) strands of wire, you will use only wire 1 & 4, red is 5V and black is ground. See diagram below:

Click at this link:

3. As for the LED light, solder one 47ohms resistor to either one of the positive or negative 'stems'(i don't know the right term), use some heat shinks to vacuum & protect it, you may or you may not use heat shrinks, it's your choice. Do the same for the three remaining LEDs.
4. Connect all positive & negative lines separately, NEVER TOGETHER then test it. Connect it on your computer. If all is properly lit and not blinking, secure everything with electrical tape.

and that's it, you have a diy glowing mousepad.

good luck noob!....

Step 4: Congratulations!

You made your Glowing Mouse Pad... Plug it in your USB port and enjoy your mouse pad...

Credits and Thanks to Sir PARUSA... :)


tomx63 (author)2013-07-03

47ohms sounds a little too low of a resistor value for each LED. what type of LEDs were used?

d1ndian (author)2012-12-07

please post even a rough diagram of the schematic of the circuit please

devicemodder (author)2012-03-29

i am making a glowing laptop pad

place name here- (author)2010-03-31

Thanks I decided to make one and here are the pics P.S. nice ible

Kiteman (author)2008-04-07

This informations and pictures belongs to an respective owner (I just saw it in my forum that i joined)

In that case, you need to provide a link to the source, and get permission to publish it.

Otherwise, this should have been published as a forum thread.

xnipher (author)Kiteman2008-04-08

I already ask the permission to the owner.... instruction sent through email by my co-forum mate as a html...

Kiteman (author)xnipher2008-04-08

In that case, you should have a link to the original website. I still think this should be a forum thread - that is the usual place to post things that you have found on the web.

tech-king (author)Kiteman2008-04-08

was the link because he made somthing similar but with fans.

japala (author)tech-king2010-02-12

Hehe, happened to end up here by Stumble. Anyways, thanks to tech-king for remembering me. The original Glowpad was invented way back in 2001 . The fan version was a later version.

xnipher (author)tech-king2008-04-09's from the authors... and he told me that he think that in some moment during his boring timess... and finally, he come up with this...

gmjhowe (author)Kiteman2008-04-08

It would of been something if you had actually made it yourself. Even though its not your idea, if you had made it, and took the pictures, i was ready to rate and everything.

xnipher (author)gmjhowe2008-04-08

sorry i'm not that neat to work... so better to copy the original instuctions and pictures that was sent to me...

=SMART= (author)2008-06-30

God Dammit nobody within 100 miles sells plexiglass!!!!! and my parents wont let me order online!!! araaarrrrrrrrrrhhhh

MattLikesMusic (author)=SMART=2008-07-02

are you kidding me? Do you live near a home depo or lows? they have like 90 different choices! lol

=SMART= (author)MattLikesMusic2008-07-03

No , Im in uk, and B&Q; dont sell it B&Q; is like uk version of home depo or lows

corey_caffeine (author)=SMART=2010-02-10

US:1 UK:0

lol jk

Daemonikk (author)=SMART=2010-01-19

In Australia perspex is the usual name, maybe you could try that?

pyro-reaper (author)=SMART=2008-08-29

B&Q; do sell it. i got some from my local B&Q; but if i remember correctly they didnt call it plexiglass. just look round i found my sheets in a completly different place to where i thought it would be. if not have you tried focus or something like that?

MattLikesMusic (author)=SMART=2008-07-03

oh ok. well keep searching and hope ya find some

devicemodder (author)=SMART=2009-08-24

i found 10 mm plexi in an old DEAD lcd monitor

LennyTheDub (author)2010-02-10

What if they are blinking? I installed some LED's inside the centre console of my truck with a fridge style switch. Everything worked fine for a while, but then they started blinking and then stopped.

I asked the guy in my local electronics place what resistors I should use for a 12-14v supply and hooked everything up according with wiring instructions I found on here, so I think I had everything right.

Anyway, what causes them to blink?

KT Gadget (author)LennyTheDub2010-02-10

If it was a constant blinking with the same on and off timing in between blinks, then those were made to blink. But if it was random blinking, then that means the LEDs were receiving a load that they were not rated for, such as too much current or too much voltage and they died faster.

fr05ty911 (author)2009-09-22

it's not clear acrylic it's opaque acrylic

Vick Jr (author)fr05ty9112010-02-10

Would optical plastic work? I have a clipboard made of 10mm thich green optical plastic, but it's not wide enough to make a one-piece mouse pad from. i was thinking of cutting it into strips, then using the strips to go around the perimeter, with the lights in the middle, and a layer of metal on top to keep the pad from sinking in. I may just have a teflot-coated metal plate if I can find it.

n0ukf (author)fr05ty9112010-02-05

or translucent.

fr05ty911 (author)2009-09-22

could you plz send me the template to cut out for mine my email is

matstermind (author)2009-09-06

could you post the file for the shape? thanks.

reverser514 (author)2009-07-09

two things- is there such thing as a script that can turn off a certain usb port? in this case the port that the pad is plugged into? where did you get the graphic to lay ontop of the pad? the image shown in the introduction looks like carbon fiber, but i can't find the image anywhere!!!! (author)2008-06-20

how about red leds

xnipher (author)

any led will do... :D (author)xnipher2008-06-25

is there such thing as a blacklight led

radioshack sells ultaviolet leds, but there aren't any blacklight led's that i know...someone please check that for me...

wouldnt UV LEDs and blacklight LEDs be the same thing? HA i will now start selling one as the other and make money that way!

i made a bad...

No big deal. but at ace hardware they sell a scorpion flashlight for at most 20 bucks and it has many of those leds... and it has a handy case that you can use for something else if you so please (that is the only way i know that they are the same thing)

or do red Leds Blue Leds and yellow/green Leds and then have a switch controlling each set of them... so you can be like.... i am feeling purple today... *flip flip*...

I was thinking red LEDs also - easier on the eyes, during night time gaming (is there any other type?) Your eyes dont dilate as much as they do with other frequencies of light, thats why they use red lights in telescope observatories, where you dont want your eye dilating any more than it has to.

Mighty Mackinac (author)2009-02-11

ok Guys! im done! I ran into some more problems along the way... I had to replace two of the blue leds with one UV turns out that there are "blacklight" leds...they are the ultraviolet ones...but the two blues broke... i actually used electrical tape and things flew together...made a huge difference... i have a battery power dremel (it was cheap and i wanted one right then...turns out walmart had a corded one for less...made me mad...)...battery life was horrible...about 15 min...after three hours of charging... also...instead of cutting into the acrylic (taking way too long)...i drilled holes into the back and glued the leds looks better...the glow is directed to the front... And instead of putting a switch and the hub on the going to build a separate box with those in it...just gonna make it an in-line switch with the usb running through it... If you guys have any questions, message me...

Mighty Mackinac (author)2009-01-28

Hai guys! i just wanted to say that im currently working on this...all i have to do is cut out the acrylic and put the pieces together... Just a couple of things i ran into so-far: If you are running this off a Laptop, you will need to either use less LED's or put them in parallel, instead of series as the instructions say...Laptop's don't supply enough power to usbs, but desktops work fine either way... DON'T USE DUCT TAPE! it is a pain in the rear to get off if you made a mistake... Also, when he said 10 mm acrylic he means it...i couldn't find it anywhere...lowes and home depot were sold out, but you can sandwich two layers of 5 mm (.220 in) acrylic together and cut out the slots for the led's and cable on both, trapping them in, and making it look better... I also tried to put a usb hub in it...but that means having thicker acrylic... I also but a switch into the circuit to turn off the lights for when i go to bed... I will post picks when i am done... And if anyone wants to buy one, I am willing to sell...but it will be a little while before i perfect my construction methods...just contact me about it... Thanks for making such a great instructable!

P.S. for sandwiching two slabs together i recommend a glue called E-6000! it works wonders! it dries clear and even adds a little bit of accent to the sandwich of acrylic...

clay the arc (author)2008-12-20

Question: On the USB Cable connection, how does the current work? I'm assuming you have 4 splits off each of the USB wires used, but asking for clarification.

you have connect the leds and resistors in series and then connect the positive lead to the red wire and the negative lead to the black that the answer you were looking for?

GorillazMiko (author)2008-04-07

I like the idea, but totally agree with Kiteman.

agis68 (author)GorillazMiko2008-12-15

me too for both issues, personally I don't like someone get my work exposed in Internet and adapt it like his\her idea

Travis_Flepper (author)2008-08-22

Hi, what do you mean by "torch." Like British Flashlight Torch or flames shooting torch? i assume the later. Do you just move it all around or what? Thanks

Gizmomaster777 (author)2008-08-08

very cool . might have to try this myself.

=SMART= (author)2008-04-14

oh my god that is so awesome, i have to make this. lol "good luck noob!"

xnipher (author)=SMART=2008-04-16

post here again if you have a problem in building this.... thanks.!

Darkshot (author)2008-04-07

O.O IM MAKIN THIS!, by the way horrible instructions and i agree with Kiteman too!

xnipher (author)Darkshot2008-04-08

Sorry about the instruction

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