Picture of DIY GoPro Backpack mount w/GoPole detachment
After acquiring my first ever GoPro camera, I knew I wanted to get as many unique camera angles as I could shoot. This led me to experiment with a couple of lame prototype rigs that didn't pan out too well, and I had to re-think my strategy.
I eventually took my trusty camelbak, and combined it with an old tripod that I had stashed away forever.

In this instructable I will show you how I was able to make this rig using only simple tools and techniques.

EDIT: Thanks for all the interest in this mount!

I just remembered that you can remove the leg and have an extendable GoPole as well as a backpack mount.
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Step 1: Getting started

Picture of Getting started
You will need a couple of things to make this rig work:

-A backpack with multiple straps on the back(I used my trusty Camelbak outlaw, quite possibly the best mulch-purpose sports bag I own)
-GoPro Camera
-GoPro's Handlebar mount
-Tripod(Slik AMT, this was a very good tripod to use as the legs have good range of motion and can be dismantled very easily)
-Spacer: Either a wood spacer, or a pool noodle works fine.
- 3/4" Gear clamp
-12" Bungee cord
-screwdriver with Hex bits.
-Roll of hockey tape
This is the equipment and parts I used for the rig, and I am unsure of what bags/tripods can be substituted for one another

Step 2: Step I: Dismantle the tripod

Picture of Step I: Dismantle the tripod
We will start by removing the rotating camera head. This can be achieved by removing one screw below the camera head.

once the screw is out, remove the retainer plate and screw. you will notice a small plastic o-ring when you remove the plate; we need to hang onto this.

After the camera head is removed, you will see another o-ring to hang onto. Remove, and replace the retainer plate.

Roshy102 years ago
couldn't you of just used the gopro tripod mount instead of the (more expensive) roll bar mount
Stick4444 (author)  Roshy102 years ago
The tripod mount allows the gopro to be used with conventional tripods via a universal screw. You have to use the handlebar mount In order to clamp the gopro onto the tripod leg.
This mount Doesn't utilize the camera head on the tripod, but the foot instead.
ah yes, I see now