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Introduction: DIY GoPro Dome Housing

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A DIY GoPro Dome you can make for free without any tools and is able to capture stunning over-under shots!

The purpose of a commercial GoPro dome housing is to seperate water from the GoPro itself. This allows for easy 50/50 or over-under shots as you have more room to accurately compose photographs. This practically free alternative does just that!

Step 1: Materials

All you need is:

- Original GoPro packaging
- Base Plate
- GoPro
- Rubber Bands
- Wrist strap (optional)

Step 2: Wash Up

Simply remove your "dome" from the box and gently wash it removing all marks and sticky sections. Be careful not to scratch it!

Step 3: Assemble

Set you GoPro to "Wide View" and mount it on the base plate using the quick release buckle and screw. Place your clear plastic "dome" upside down and use elastic bands to secure the base plate to it.

The reason it upside down is because the clear plastic section is extremely waterproof while there is no proper seal on top where the base plate is joined. That is why it is extremely important to always still use a waterproof GoPro housing and NOT a skeleton.

OPTIONAL: Using a strap (or elastic bands), feed it through the hole in the "dome" so you can be tethered to the camera.

Step 4: Capture

Go out into the water and start photographing and filming! Use a Wifi remote or "Video + Photo" mode.

For another great mount, Check out this awesome Instructable:



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14 Discussions

so simple ..

This is a really simple solution! I made a similar case for my DSLR

1 reply

hi ..wanna know how did u come up for a DIY dome for DSLR ....pls..

thnks in advance ,,

Good instructable!

thank you for inspiration bro. i really appreciatte it. @mitaybmx from indonesia. :)

Also, I never claimed these images to be taken by a GoPro or by me, they are simply examples to show what is possible.

Yes they were, as you can see they are fisheye and obviously not as quality as a dslr would be so what camera was used?

Wow! Super cool and simple solution. And the pics turned out amazing

1 reply

This is a really simple solution! I made a similar case for my DSLR

1 reply

Thanks so much! Really! How did the pictures turn out?