Introduction: DIY GoPro Hero Hand Clamp Mount

Picture of DIY GoPro Hero Hand Clamp Mount

Equipment Needed:

Draper 152mm Spring Clamp ( or similar)

1/4" Nut and Bolt (from most hardware shops, harder to find in the UK)

Tripod Adapter Mount Bracket Stand For GoPro

Tools Needed:


6 or 7mm drill bit

Flat Head Screw driver

Adjustable spanner

Step 1: Drill Hole

Picture of Drill Hole

Drill a hole at the top of the handle on the Hand Clamp. The drill bit I used was about 6 or 7mm, I'm not sure.

Step 2: Insert the Bolt

Picture of Insert the Bolt

Push or screw in the bolt through the hole. The bolt head should fit snug on the inside of the Hand Clamp Handle. Once you've done this just add the nut to the other side and tighten using a spanner and screw driver.

Step 3: Add the GoPro Tripod Mount

Picture of Add the GoPro Tripod Mount

Screw on the Go Pro Tripod Mount to the top of the bolt and then attach your Go Pro


EurekaFactory (author)2015-06-15

Love clean and simple ideas like this! Awesome!

seamster (author)2015-06-15

Great idea, and so simple! Thank you.

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