DIY GoPro IPhone Mount




Introduction: DIY GoPro IPhone Mount

Use your phone as a monitor/preview screen!

Step 1: What You Need

1. A spare IPhone case

2. A extended mount

3. Sticky adhesive mount (Not curved, flat)

4. A Go Pro (of course)

5. And the thumb screw.

Step 2: Put the Adhesive Mount On

Put the adhesive mount on the phone case like it is in the picture, so when you preview the gopro in the app, the preview is landscape, not portrait.

Step 3: Put the Mount On

Put the extended mount onto the adhesive mount, this will hold the gopro!

Step 4: Put the Gopro Onto the Mount

Set the gopro into the mount straight, then tighten the gopro thumb screw a bit so the gopro wont fall out but it can tilt back and forth.

Step 5: Make the Gopro Straight Up and Tighten, and Boom!

Make the gopro as straight as possible on the mount like in the first picture, then tighten the screw, BOOM!

Then: Connect to the gopro's wifi network, go into the gopro app, then preview the gopro, and boom! Feels like your recording with your phone camera! But heavier.



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