DIY GoPro Jaw Clamp Mount





Introduction: DIY GoPro Jaw Clamp Mount

A bit late on the GoPro craze, but I've decided to try to assemble a Jaw Clamp mount. found simple tutorials so I just followed along to see how easy it would be(tremendously). For around $4, you can have a clamp mount a fraction of the official accessory cost.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

You'll need:




Bolt that fits GoPro tripod mount*($.20)

2 Nuts that fit bolt*($.09 ea.)

Jaw Clamp(around $3)

*Completely forgot measurements for nuts and bolts, but just take the mount with you(not a big piece)

Step 2: Assembly

Drill a hole approximately the size of the bolt into the clamp(I chose the curved area and off to the side to avoid the reinforcement). After that, fit the bolt into the inside of the clamp and secure the nuts. After you should be able to secure Your camera onto whatever you need, I did this project for music purposes but the possibilities are endless!



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    what would you use on each end of the clamp to not damage the wood?

    1 reply

    The clamp i chose hasn't been damaging, but tape could work to cushion it

    Great idea. I had a bought clamp that I used for my camera, but my son borrowed it and lost it. Making these will be a great cost saver. Thanks for the idea ??

    bolt should be 1/4 - 20, i.e. quarter inch with 20 threads per inch. Pretty much the standard size threads for camera tripods.

    This is a great idea! Thanks for sharing!