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I call this the Versatile mount because... well... its probably the most versatile removable mount i have for my GoPro camera. The idea for this mount came from the fact that i wanted to mount my camera onto my bike in many different places. To do this i would usually need to buy a "handle bar/seat post mount" for small tubular sections of my bike frame and a "roll bar mount" for larger sections. This would cost $50 plus shipping to AUS!!! So i thought there had to be a cheaper and better way to make a mount that would allow me to attach my camera to almost any kind of tube or bar no matter what size or shape.

I came up with the simple solution of using a hose clamp as the fixing device as this would allow the mount to conform to any shape or profile tube/bar while still applying adequate force. To accommodate for larger or smaller diameters of tube all you need to do is get a larger or smaller hose clamp!

It cost me only $3 to make this but i bought the surf expansion pack ages ago for $20. So i suppose it's really $23.

This instructable is really only for Go Pro camera's but im sure you could use the principal of this design for any camera mount.

Here is the easy to follow video i made for this mount!

Step 1: What You'll Need

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Stuff for the mount

1. "GoPro FCS Surf Fin Plug Mount" or a standard "GoPro Quick Release Mount"
- Hopefully you have one or a spare, but it could cost you $20 or more from GoPro

2. Hose clamp - Any size you need but i use a 22-35mm with a key tightener and a 35-55mm with a phillips head.
- $1.50 each from hardware store

3. Piece of bicycle inner tube or thin foam
- Hopefully you have some laying around - Its not really essential to have this but it helps

4. GoPro camera obviously - you probably need some elbow joiner thingo's as well.

Stuff you'll need to build it

1. Drill + small drill bit ~3mm

2. Hacksaw

3. Scissors

4. Glue - i used a hot glue gun but anything will do

5. File + Sandpaper

Step 2: Modifying the Surf Mount

Picture of Modifying the Surf Mount

Steps to modify the mount
see pics aswell

1. Cut a groove out of the ridges of the mount about 4mm wide.

2. Chain drill 3-4 holes through the mount flush with the base about the same width as the largest hose clamp you have.

3. By applying force sideways with the drill. ream the hole out until the hose clamp can fit through.

4. Cut off the plug from the mount (the rectangular piece that sticks out) flush with the base

5. Cut the gap on base wider to allow clearance for the hose clamp.

Step 3: Dampener and Grip

Picture of Dampener and Grip

To give the mount some vibration resistance and grip i decided to add a bit of rubber from a bike inner tube.
You could could use some thin foam or other things instead.

1. Trace around the base of the mount onto the chosen material and cut it out with scissors

2. Glue the dampener onto the base of the mount - i used a hot glue gun for speed but super glue would also work

Step 4: Put the Mount Together!

Picture of Put the Mount Together!

Putting the mount together couldn't be easier!

You'll have to straighten out the hose clamp first, then you just slip it through the slot about half way
and bend it around until you can tighten the hose clamp. Then just attach the Go Pro on like normal
and you're done!

Step 5: Use It!

Picture of Use It!

Here is an example of how to use it. I've attached it to the handle bars of my bike in this pic but
i have found about 12 other awesome places i can mount the camera to on my bike now using
both the larger and smaller hose clamp!

NOTE: The only drawback to this mount is the metal band of the hose clamp is quite sharp and
can scratch away paint. You can use another piece of inner tube or foam to try and stop this tho.
Just be careful when using the mount


CJR2000 (author)2015-07-19

This inspired me to make a mount instructable of my own! Check it out at:

EvilBunnySlipper (author)2011-11-08

Great Idea ...I basically did the same ...only my GoPro came in this Big Square transparent plastic case(almost like a display case ofsorts) and the bottom of the case has one of the Quick Release holders. I just cut that holder of using the trusty Dremel...added some foam rubber I had lying around from when I re-sealed the caravan and it works a treat for keeping the paint scratch-frree....I sometime mount my GoPro on the SUP Paddle and the hose clamp is way less intrusive that the normal bar clamps.....

andreq (author)EvilBunnySlipper2012-06-10

Do you have any picture of the result?

I got the big square plate here. I see how this could be done, but I'd like to see how you've done yours. It would be a nice starting point.

Thanks. yeh i got the same base plate with the camera as well. unfortunately i lost mine... Apparently they make pretty good chest mounts tho. The rubber inner tube stops the surf mount from scratching the paint but the sharp metal ends of the hose clamp are the problem. Im thinking of just using a thin strip of rubber in between the hose clamp and whatever im attaching it too.

colincolin30 (author)2011-12-23

Hi, would you buy a Gopro camera again.?
i am going on a trip and wonder if it would be good for video and stills at various tourist places.

fehlbergo (author)colincolin302011-12-27

For sure i would buy one again, especially since the GoPro2 has come out.
Im not sure its the best tourist camera tho, the fish eye is pretty extreme, especially with the photos. The only advantage with it for traveling is that you can take it anywhere without any worries and its small and easy to use ect.
The quality of photos and video is very good as well

colincolin30 (author)fehlbergo2011-12-27

thanks for the help.
Happy new year

colincolin30 (author)2011-12-23

Hi, would you buy a Gopro camera again.?
i am going on a trip and wonder if it would be good for video and stills at various tourist places.

jooknon (author)2011-11-17

Great idea! I've been thinking about how to attach my GoPro to different things without buying the "correct" mount.

My only thought while reading this...someone buy this man a Dremel tool!

fehlbergo (author)jooknon2011-11-17

haha yeah a dremel would have been handy. Or even a fine copping saw.

You should note however that i recently tried to make this mount again but with the GoPro quick release buckle and it doesn't work. Im sure it would be possible somehow but it would be REALLY fiddly and difficult. There just isn't enough room on the mount like there is with the surf mount.

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