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Introduction: Golden Snitch Necklace

When I was thinking of what I could make, I first googled images of 'TARDIS siege mode' . What has that to do with this golden snitch necklace, you might ask. Well, nothing actually. But, once I decided I would be saving that project for later, I started thinking of something else. Still looking at props and stuff, I finally knew what I wanted to make: a golden snitch ring with the wings wrapped around your finger. Yes, I know, this is an instructable for a golden snitch necklace.

But, after searching some images of golden snitches, I finally knew what I was actually going to make. I remembered this really amazing instructable on how to make a golden snitch necklace by jessyratfink. When I first saw it, I really loved the idea of using a golden bead as the snitch part and making the wings out of wire.

For my version, I decided to stick to the original golden snitch for as much as possible.

I hope you'll like it!

Step 1: Materials

To make your very own golden snitch necklace, you will need:

- a golden bead, mine had a 10 mm diameter

- 2 gauges of wire, I used silver plated wire, gauge 20/ 0,81 mm and gauge 26/ 0,40 mm

- pliers

- a necklace to put your pendant on

- two jump rings

Step 2: Starting Up

Cut off a long piece (mine was about 20 cm) of the gauge 20/ 0,81 mm wire. Add your bead to it and make sure it's in the middle. Once it is, fold up both sides of the wire as shown. This will lock the bead into its position.

Next, slowly bend the wires back down and stop when they are positioned as in picture 5.

Use round nose pliers to bend the wires to the sides, so you can start shaping the wings.

Step 3: The Wing Structure

Carefully work the bends created in last step down, until you like how they look. Clamp the bead in position by bending the wire against it. This will make the wings start higher than simply starting with bending the wings. I chose to do this to let the finished result look more like a real snitch.

Decide how long you want the wings to be. At the end of that length, bend the wire up. Repeat this on the other side. Now you can make a loop. Let the wire go down using your round nose pliers. Don't try to make it into a round loop too much, just go for the shape shown.

Gently bend the wire into a slight curve. This will be the bottom line of your wing.

Step 4: Ending the Base

To end your wing base, bend the wire up and coil the end around the top once as shown. Cut the end off and make sure the end isn't sticking out anymore. Repeat this for the other wing.

Step 5: Wire-wrapping-time

Cut off a long piece of gauge 26/ 0,40 mm wire. I just cut about two coils. Wrap it around the top part of one of the wings, next to where you've just ended the wing base last step. Make sure the wire is going over the base. Let it go straight down and wrap it around the bottom of the base as shown. Your wire is now under the wing. Make it go to the top part of the wing again, keeping it under the wing. Wrap the wire around the top as shown and let it go down over the base again.

Step 6: Continue and Finish

Repeat the steps described in last step to fill up the entire wing. Once you've reached the end, coil the wire around the base an extra time before cutting it off and making sure no sharp end is sticking out.

Step 7: Halfway Through

With one wing finished completely, you now also have a good impression of how your pendant is going to turn out.

And I just had to take a bunch of pictures of it : )

Step 8: The Second Wing

Repeat the entire process of the first wing for the second one.

Step 9: The Finished Pendant

And then your pendant is finished! Just one thing to do before you're done.

Step 10: Add the Necklace

Take your necklace and open it in the middle. Mine already had a pendant that was hanging like this, so I only needed to take that one off. Next, add your jump rings and then add the pendant.

It turned out my jump rings were too big to fit on the necklace, so I bended my own using gold coloured wire.

Step 11: Enjoy!

I hope you liked this instructable, if you did I would love to know :)

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Sooo pretty, the wing really is an awesome effect with the wire wrapping! I also love how clean your shapes are, I personally need a jig to get a shape that clean.

This is so adorable :D I'm not really good with wires :(

Thank you!! That's what I thought at first about myself ;)

Beautiful! The wings look amazing and although you make it look so simple I know mine would be a mess :D Love the bead you used!

Your instructables are awesome! Keep up the good work! I do have one question though: How did you make your profile picture?

Thank you so much! I used this website to create the image:

Then I edited it myself to make it look a bit more unique :D

The simplicity is fantastic! My fiance would love this!