You can print your own tights at home! These tights make your legs look like the skin was ripped right off, which makes them perfect for Halloween and costumes. The graphics used are taken from photographs of a life-size, anatomically correct model used for educational purposes. Neat.

In order to print these spooky stems, you will need an ink-jet printer. Preferably one that uses dye inks, as opposed to pigment inks. There is more detailed information on what kind of inks and fabric you can use in my "How to Print Fabric at Home" instructable.

Step 1: Gather Materials

● Ink-Jet Printer

- pigment dyes, the ink will wash out unless you pretreat the fabric

- dye inks, the inks will wash out about 10%

● White Shipping Label 8.5" x 11"

● 1 Yard of White Jersey @ 56" width or more

● Sewing Machine or Overlock Machine

● Rotary Cutter

● Straight Edge Ruler

● Straight Pins

● Iron

<p>These are wonderful! Thank you so much! So many ideas!</p>
<p>You can reduce the number of cuts and joins you need to make by changing the print size. By printing at legal size (8.5 X 14 inches) instead of letter (8.5 X 11 inches), you can print a larger area at once.</p><p>Many printers also support a &quot;custom&quot; paper size, so you could make one that was 8.5 inches wide, and however long your design is, and just let it feed.</p>
<p>Ah! What a good idea! thank you!</p>
<p>One could also reduce the number of cuts to 0 by using iron on transfer paper instead, adding some off-art registration marks, and then transferring one print at a time to a finished pair of stocking.</p>
Good point! My printer even goes to 18&quot; x 13&quot;.<br>8.5&quot; x 11&quot; was chosen to widen accessibility. I'm going to mention this in the instructable. Thanks for the important insight!
<p>In this case, you'd have to redesign the graphics to fully take advantage of 14&quot; length, otherwise it would still be three sheets either way. For continuous-feed, you'd still need good paper backing. You won't be able to feed a knit through without very stable backing.</p>
<p>Looks very nice!</p>
<p>That absolutely has to be the worst case of varicose veins I've ever seen! Nicely done!</p>
<p>This reminds me watching Slim Goodbody on TV when I was a kid. It creeped me out. Here's an example, which I hope will be inspiration for someone's costume (or maybe mine next year.)</p><p>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvP1E2WJ48o</p>
<p>SO MUCH YES.</p><p>I did a vascular system print on semi-sheer white tights. They didn't come out that well so I haven't posted them. This video is amazing! </p>
<p>simultaneously cool &amp; disgusting! <strong>( :0</strong></p>
<p>Gross and awesome!</p>
Wow. Such a GREAT idea. Great job.
<p>So rad!</p>
<p>veeerrry cool!</p>
These looks stunning...would've never imagined they're homemade! And I love the photos at the beginning :)
<p>This is awesome! I bet that you could use this technique to create leggings similar to the Black Milk kinds and save lots of $$.</p>

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