DIY Green Sand for Metal Casting


Introduction: DIY Green Sand for Metal Casting

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This is a comprehensive video on how to make your own Green Sand or GreenSand For Metal Casting. I thought this might be helpful to some :)


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    Great video. You might look into finding a Paint mixer attachment.They're like a hand blender pc. on steroids .I got a stainless one I've used for large batch food mixing.

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    Thanks! I have been keeping an eye out for a free one, gifts to the channel are always welcome! LOL :)


    Memories of junior high school shop class! It's amazing how I can remember most of the steps even though 42 years have passed since then. I'd love to do this again. Just a matter of finding time and a place to put my foundry (I live in an apartment lol).

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    An apartment present a problem! Its a fun hobby! Thanks for watching & commenting! :)

    Great video. You've made this look pretty easy. Went out and picked up a "sifter". After looking at several sifters, the one you got at Wally World, has increased to $9.00. I was looking at the Dollar Tree (a real dollar store), and their sifters were fairly coarse. I looked over, and the bacon shields are much finer mesh. Almost as fine as the $9.00 one at Wally's. I figured I'd try one, for a buck. I'll let you know how it works. Its the size of a good size skillet, too.
    As to cheap kitty litter, same place!

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    yikes, and I heard on the news there is no inflation ?

    Keep me posted, looks like you will be casting up a storm in no time!

    Thanks for Watchin! :)

    That was awesome. Of course, now I'm going to have the itch to cast something...

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    hahah, cast something & keep me posted! I have lots more instructables on casting if ya wanna check them out! :)

    I think I've viewed just about every video out there on making your own green sand, this is the first I can recall that suggested sifting the "play sand" we all use as the base, nice move and your example clearly shows the benefit of that step.

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    Thanks for Watching & Commenting. As you can see, I removed a lot of garbage from that it's clean! :)