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How to make a greenhouse from a pallet.

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I found this pallet which was perfect to make my greenhouse.

ReneeH911 days ago

This is a nice simple, easy way. I thank you

deadpan465 years ago
this is exactly the modular 'found-object' sort of project i was looking for.  thanks!
Carol M5 years ago
Great idea to start with a pallet.  I'm going to weight mine down with a "floor" of concrete pavers on top of the pallet so it's less tippy in the wind.  Also the pavers will hopefully hold some heat into the night.  For the plastic, I have several old clear shower curtain liners which will work fine.
lemonbar776 years ago
I love the idea, but there isn't much "instructing" going on. As someone who has done some building, that's okay, but I can't figure out what's going on with the angled piece in the last frame. I get the two pieces running parallel insides the greenhouse, but what's the square of material/wood on the outside? I guess this would have also made a nice doghouse? :-) You seem to have someone who enjoyed it.
anthonywin (author)  lemonbar776 years ago
The angled piece on the side of the frame is the door, and the wood piece on the outside is going to be an air vent, this is coz i noticed that the greenhouse get's really hot. lol, I made a dog house too.
It was the air vent that I couldn't figure out. Thanks!
Do you have a heater in this greenhouse?