Introduction: Greenhouse

How to make a greenhouse from a pallet.

Step 1:

I found this pallet which was perfect to make my greenhouse.

Step 2:

I bought an multi purpose heavy duty plastic polythene sheet 3m x 4m from my local diy store for 7 pounds.

Step 3:

I made a triangle door and fixed it with two hinges. I covered this with the plastic sheet.
I cut the sheet to fix each sides of the greenhouse and stapled it to the wooden frame.

Step 4:


Cheap but well worth the build for the total of 10 pounds.



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    This is a nice simple, easy way. I thank you

    this is exactly the modular 'found-object' sort of project i was looking for.  thanks!

    Great idea to start with a pallet.  I'm going to weight mine down with a "floor" of concrete pavers on top of the pallet so it's less tippy in the wind.  Also the pavers will hopefully hold some heat into the night.  For the plastic, I have several old clear shower curtain liners which will work fine.

    I love the idea, but there isn't much "instructing" going on. As someone who has done some building, that's okay, but I can't figure out what's going on with the angled piece in the last frame. I get the two pieces running parallel insides the greenhouse, but what's the square of material/wood on the outside? I guess this would have also made a nice doghouse? :-) You seem to have someone who enjoyed it.

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    The angled piece on the side of the frame is the door, and the wood piece on the outside is going to be an air vent, this is coz i noticed that the greenhouse get's really hot. lol, I made a dog house too.

    It was the air vent that I couldn't figure out. Thanks!

    Do you have a heater in this greenhouse?