Introduction: DIY Grill Side Tables

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I'm gonna show you all how to make new / replacement  DIY side tables for your BBQ grill using wooden TV trays!

Step 1: What You Need

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-A grill in need of fixing
-2 wooden TV trays
-Spray Paint

-oscillating multi-tool / saw
-hole-saw bits / regular bits / spade bit
-clear ruler
-wood glue

Step 2: Remove and Salvge

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Remove any excess junk hanging off of the grills arms, and salvage the screws and bolts. We'll need to embed them into the wooden tray.

Step 3: Mark It

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Mark where the tray will connect to the grill, and where the slots for the utensils will be.

Step 4: Drill It

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Use the spade bit to make the holes marked by the spray paint.
Next, drill out the slots that are going to hold the utensils.

Step 5: Connect the Pieces.

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File the top of the socket flat, so it fits nicely into the tray.
Use a little wood glue, and insert the socket.
Set the tray into the holes of the grill arms at all points, and bolt it to the Grill.

Step 6: Get Grillin!

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SpringRobin (author)2014-01-16

I love the utensil holders! Very Nice!


Ricardo Furioso (author)2013-07-09

Excellent. Recycling and upcycling. Bravo.

I'm all about upcycling!

SybilStrikes (author)2013-07-08

I love all the pictures and annotations. Great job! Looks really nice. :-)

Thank you!

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