This is a great amp stand and is stable for smaller combo amps

Step 1:

"Find" yourself a plastic Milk crate

Step 2:

Determine the angle you would like your amp to sit at and draw it on the side of milk crate with chalk

Step 3:

I used a large metal Carpenter;s square to draw on the chalk line

Step 4:

Cut with a jigsaw and you're done.

Step 6:

All your excess chord will sit in the bottom and you can feed them out thru the back
Very cool. What angle did you use?
Awesome idea! <br /> <br /> BTW&nbsp;i really love the fender amp there, great sound.<br />
Lovely amp, but very ghetto looking stand. Why not cover it with tweed?<br />
love iot! absolutly amazing! excellent idea!&nbsp;
Nice job.<br /><br />Two suggestions though just cause I can never leave anything just the way it is.<br /><br />1.&nbsp; Trim out the x bracing on the sides.&nbsp; It's not really helping and it makes it look unfinished.<br /><br />2.&nbsp; Get some foam, clear plastic or rubber tubing and slit it down the middle and press that over the cut edges to protect you amp.&nbsp; You might have to glue it to get it to stay but it would protect that nice amp.<br /><br /><br />
&nbsp;Is the plastic sharp? I would have put a little foam on the edges to keep the tolex nice.
Great suggestion...i hadn't thought of that...thanx

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