DIY Guitar Amp Stand





Introduction: DIY Guitar Amp Stand

This is a great amp stand and is stable for smaller combo amps

Step 1:

"Find" yourself a plastic Milk crate

Step 2:

Determine the angle you would like your amp to sit at and draw it on the side of milk crate with chalk

Step 3:

I used a large metal Carpenter;s square to draw on the chalk line

Step 4:

Cut with a jigsaw and you're done.

Step 5:

Step 6:

All your excess chord will sit in the bottom and you can feed them out thru the back



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    Very cool. What angle did you use?

    Awesome idea!

    BTW i really love the fender amp there, great sound.

    Lovely amp, but very ghetto looking stand. Why not cover it with tweed?

    love iot! absolutly amazing! excellent idea! 

    Nice job.

    Two suggestions though just cause I can never leave anything just the way it is.

    1.  Trim out the x bracing on the sides.  It's not really helping and it makes it look unfinished.

    2.  Get some foam, clear plastic or rubber tubing and slit it down the middle and press that over the cut edges to protect you amp.  You might have to glue it to get it to stay but it would protect that nice amp.

     Is the plastic sharp? I would have put a little foam on the edges to keep the tolex nice.

    1 reply

    Great suggestion...i hadn't thought of that...thanx