Introduction: DIY Guitar Capo

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This is a easy tip for guitar players if they dont have a Capo or if they forgot it at home! :-)

Step 1: You Will Need

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You will need:

- A Guitar
- A rubberband
- A pencil/marker/fork - just someshing hard that dont break.

Step 2: Step 1

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Place the marker where you want the Capo to be.

Step 3: Step 2

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Put the rubber twice, and put it around the first end of the marker.

Step 4: Final Step

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Now put it over the other end of the marker.

Step 5: Done!

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Now you are done! I hope you liked this tip. Check my profile for more! Bye! :-)


mambooo (author)2017-10-24

Great idea. I was thinking a way to make a DIY solution while I wait my capo come from mail, but all my ideas were much more complex. Perfect!

Metalmann67 (author)2017-08-06

That was an old trick we used in the 50's and 60's, before there were many music stores. Some guitarists would just whittle a branch to shape or use an old pencil.

pokeplay200 (author)2016-11-16

thanks a lot! this really works with a hollow pen tube and when placed further up the chosen fret!(reduces buzz)


fredfow3 (author)2016-03-05

Use a hollow plastic pen tube (remove out the pen part), it should bend just enough to follow the curve of the fretboard, helping with keeping intonation and reducing buzz.

LachlanP2 (author)fredfow32016-10-07

thanks this worked a lot better

BAND OBSESED (author)fredfow32016-07-31


MicheleB90 (author)2016-08-23

Worked great! Now I can practice while I wait for the capo to come in the mail.

Rohan_Xperiment (author)2016-06-03 helped me very much :D

luhanmarjorie (author)2016-04-23

oh!!! nice idea!!! :)

ShadyS5 (author)2016-01-04

dude!! great idea!!

hanamiaecho (author)2016-01-02

it buzzes on some of the strings but overall it works!

Anmol_d made it! (author)2015-01-09

great! I made it! thanks a lot! :)

OMS_1845 (author)2014-12-14

It works! Thanks.

DanishMaker (author)2014-12-14

Thanks! ;-)

nell137 (author)2014-12-13

I've seen lots of musicians use lots of different hacks, but never saw it done like this. So simple, genius!

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