Make a cheap guitar more exciting with custom graphics.

Step 1: Materials

You'll Need:

Inkjet Printer (using a laser printer will make it look awful)
Hobby Knife
Clear Acrylic Coating (Aerosol)
Self-adhesive labels- any kind will do, as long as there big enough. I just used some I found lying around the house.

Step 2: Printing

First you'll need to find/make some images to print. I found the sub and the ship on google and made the depthcharges in a 3d program. I recommend doing simple, monochrome shaps, because they're easier to cut and will show up better. I used the "threshold" effect in gimp.

Print them on regular paper first to make they line up right with the labels. After printing, don't peel them off or cut them just yet.

Step 3: Coating/Cutting

Use the Acrylic Spray to give the labels a more glossy appearance so they blend in better with the guitar. I applied about 5 coats.

Using your hobby or utility knife, carefully trim the labels before you peel them off. (I forgot to take pictures of this part, but it's pretty self-explanatory)

Step 4: Finished

After the labels have dried and been cut out, make sure there aren't any overly jagged edges and apply them to the guitar. The result is a unique albeit homemade look for your guitar/bass/whatever. It also looks better from a distance and not right up close since they're cut out by hand.

Sure the scale/perspective is all wrong, but i like it anyway.
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y use paint just print a picture with sticker-paper and cut it out and stick on the guitar
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