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Introduction: DIY Guitar Knob

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i was bored in my room and had a few cola bottles lieing around so i came up with this idea to make a guitar nob from it

i looked around this instructable and i seen machine heads, pickups etc, but no knob for it at all
so here is it all u guitar dudes and chicks plus note you dont have to use cola, any top will do aslong as its from a plastic bottle apart from oasis i tried makes it look silly

Step 1: The Stuff You Will Need

your list
plastic bottle top
guitar pic
and anything to ur disposil to make a hole
im not holding your hand for this.....

but im useing my 3.0 pics coz there alot easyer to use for me and i have alot lieing around

Step 2: What the Pic Will Look Like

i made the hole in the center as tite as possabul unless i never want it to come off
so make sure i make it tite enought that it can turn it not spin lose so have fun with that

use pliers, wire cuters, file, sissers to trim the tip

the hole i made by heating up a nail and stabing it throw witch worked amazingly but im not going to hold your hand again...

Step 3: Push Push I Can See the Head Lol Joke

set the pic at an angle inside and push with alot of force till you hear 1-3 clicks and it will sound like it snaped but its fun trust me

Step 4: There We Go

Wasent hard was it?
now you have the pic in place it will stay sacure inside the cap and if it moves around a bit sorry there is no fix for it
when i did it, it was titly sarure in there

Step 5: God Let There Be Sound....Maybe Later

now that you have the pic in place the knob out of the turning rod
1 thing left sticking that little dude on
oh and make sure u know what its pointing at if u place the logo of the cap like i did then u might screw up if you want it too look smart witch is not my idea

Step 6: Lets Rock!

now your done and ready for stage or jam sesh
and it looks nice on nearly any guitar



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    Anarchy and supporting major corporations? I think your doing it wrong. Nice tip though.

    1 reply

    more like the most punk thing ever ya jabroni

    TheCheese beat me to it.....
    A CocaCola cap right next to an Anarchy symbol? Bad mix....

    2 replies

    the guitar originaly belonged to my punk mate so yea....

    i know but its rather anarchy or cradle of filth with a " jesus is a c**t " on the front so yea..
    but least it kinda matchs

    Have you thought of using polymorph?
    It would ensure a snug fit

    1 reply

    yea maybe but there was none round my house but il think about it through the week and try in find some to use for a 2ed try of it thx