D.I.Y. Guitar Pick





Introduction: D.I.Y. Guitar Pick

This video shows how to make a guitar pick from an old cd. Something I noticed is that you might not want to paint the tip so that the paint doesn't chip of on your strings.

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"Porch Blues by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0" http://creativecommons.org/licenses/b...



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    I used a nail file, but you could probably use a very fine file or fine sandpaper.

    last night i really needed a guitar pick so it drew a pick shape on a piece of paper and put a bunch of papers behind it. then cut that so there was 6 or so paper picks and glued them together with gorrila glue and glue sticks..... today in my tech ed class i took a peice of sand paper and smoothed it out and drew a design on the paper and man does it look cool. just as thick as a reg pick

    good ible, i made a bunch of these back in the day, cdr's make ok picks but a bit soft, dvds are much the same. I found that PS1 games made good hard picks. also i used a dremmel instead of a nailfile, made it pretty fast. especially since the ps1 discs were harder and would shatter sometimes when cutting. a small rotary file helped make the designs too, cutting patterns the whole way through made for some interesting grips.

    oh man the video made me laugh so hard, "CUT! CUT! CUT!, PAINT! PAINT! PAINT!, NAIL POLISH(not mine)" it was great lol

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    Cool idea, but IMO I would rather spend the $5 and get myself a pack of commercial picks. Nothing against the Instructable, of course.

    I don't use them either, i would rather use real picks.

    i used to do this, but i have found that they are too weak for medium to heavy use. i now just cut out my own from old gift cards and other such plastics...this way, you can sand it down to the desired thickness and strength without having it break so easy. nice ible though

    Nice idea, but they are to weak for me.. gotta stay with the usual 1,5mm ones i think.

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    yeah, I don't use them, I like Fender Mediums.

    When do I CUT! :) Just joking. Nice instructable I've never thought of using a cd for this before.

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    Wow, I made some of these last year. Coool, nice job

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