I decided to make my granddad a guitar hanger for his new bungalow.

He has always had this guitar as far as i can remember and used to be in a band.

He still keeps it out in his room but is only using a cheap plastic stand that does it no justice.

This entire project was made from one old drawer side and a pair of hangers.

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Step 1: Template & Cutting to Size

I wanted the hanger itself to look like a guitar so i printed out a template from google and glued it onto my wood.

I did a rough layout on the wood, making the holder 17 cm heigh x 12 cm wide and 13 cm from the arms to the wall.

The arms that would hold the guitar neck where spaced at 4 1/2 cm , but this will be dependent on your guitar.

Once everything was drawn out i cut out the rough shape with a saw.

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