Step 6: The Fun Part ... Sanding !!

I had to carve the guitar with wood carving tools.

I now .. i'm sanding with 80 grit paper, 120, 180, 220 and I will put some color on it.
<p>For those who want to build a lguitar like this, don't forget to carve the back of the guitar. When I play on a chair, the edge of the guitar is hurting my ribcage and this is very annoying. So ... just a tip for those who want to build something similar.</p>
<p>I'm planning on making a guitar on the CNC in my woodshop class with a friend, but I don't have any dimensions or plans to use despite scouring the internet. Do you have any advice for me to make it?</p>
<p>Hi!Can you tell me what program do you use to make the routing and the 3d model.and more info how did you draw </p><p>those things.</p><p>P.S :your work is great</p><p>.<br></p>
Hi, I made the guitar using Catia V5, its quite a complex software but everyone at school were using it so it was easy to get some help.<br><br>Making solid body is easy, but I used the surface editor to make curves on the body ( the carved part ). And I used the same software to program the routing. Its one of my longest cnc program for now.
MASTER! <br> <br>I took my hat for you.
Can't wait to see the finished instrument!

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