Picture of DIY - Xbox360 To VGA Adapter
The idea came from a need from a college friend in need of video games on the cheap.

This is a very in-expensive project, mine was free because In had the parts sitting around.
You most likely do to. 

Allows a computer screen to be used as an HD TV for Xbox 360's.

List of Materials:
     -Computer Screen
     -VGA Cable (25 pin blue connector for computer screens)
     -Female Component Plugin (You can use a Female RCA, but this is more confusing as the colors do not match up.)
     -Soldering Iron (Recommended)
     -Sound System (If you want sound.)

     -Basic Soldering Skills
     -Need For An HD TV
     -Multi-meter or similar device
     -Hot Glue and Glue Gun
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Step 1: Step One - Cut VGA Cable

Picture of Step One - Cut VGA Cable
This step is for the VGA Cable.

Cut the cable down to the size you want.
Make sure to have the connector to the computer screen still attached.

An acceptable length is 3 feet. More still works and may be more suitable for your needs.

Step 2: Strip the VGA Cable

Picture of Strip the VGA Cable
13, 8:32 PM.jpg
This is one of the more difficult steps, but it is quite easy.

Strip about Two inches off.

Take a pair of scissors and carefully cut the outer plastic away.
The easiest way is to place the open scissors on the part you need.
Squeeze firmly and circle the cable.
Finally pull the plastic off.

First thing you'll notice is the metal shielding.
For this you do not need it. Pull it away from the wires and clip it off.
amir_clipper6 months ago

hi , i have a digital tv box that i want to connect on my vga monitor , i made this cable ,screen tint green like you say , but in my tv box settings there is not any rgb and YPrPb option , only 1 option that set to yprpb . what should i do ?:(

i soldering GND wires together and connect them to pin 5 in vga side , is there any problem ? or must connect them seperate ?

sorry about bad english :D

GeckoScraps (author)  amir_clipper2 months ago

I will do my best to find you a solution, the only delay I may have is if I can't find a similar computer, I'm on a tight budget, why I made the cable, so it may take me a little while, I'll see if I can get a variety of computer screens and cables for an update.

GeckoScraps (author) 2 months ago

I will likely update, I now have access to better cameras and staging areas.

317andrew31710 months ago

I have a problem. The green ground pin doesn't connect to anything? I wired up all 3 of the rgb grounds into pin 8 on the ps2 ground. Red and blue read a resistance value but my volt meter reads 0 ohms from pin 7 (green ground) to the un-insulated wire that was foiled together with the green insulated wire. The weird thing is the green ground is wired with red and blue ground but it still doesnt read anything on my meter? That should be the ground and it is not. I have tried 4 cables btw. What is the green ground wire? Also whats with the foil, you never explained why we needed to keep it.

GeckoScraps (author) 10 months ago

It's been a while and I may do an update on this, haven't done much in the way of photography but, shall not be hard. As well I have a few things to add to make this project easier and more effective.

nice! Although i was hoping you could change RGB to YPrPb on xbox itself, now i have a pretty green (test)screen. This availability of a switch between RGB to YPrPb is damn important haha, thx anyway!
unicron851 year ago
looks good any chance we could get some clearer pics?