When i was small, i usually think how these Wireless headphones work. What magic makes them work! But now i had figured out a simple way to make one with your own old (Plug-on headphones) a wireless one. Though it will work by plugging in too .It is ideal for watching movie or listening to music without sitting close to computer or T.V. It's range is not good because if it's range will be more than 5 meters you will have to buy a license But you can use it anywhere at your home cause it's signal can only reach up-to 5 meters of diameter. So, no need of buying license. I hope you will enjoy it and for staying tuned to me be a subscriber and

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Step 1: Thechnical Details

Once you've decided to make your own wireless headphone you need some knowledge about what we are going to do. First of all you need a headphone (An old one or which you are using). The headphone should have enough inner space (I mean to say that when you open the headphone the stuff "The radio receiver module" which we are going to install in in fit in easily). You have to buy a small radio receiver module be sure to use the smallest with auto or manual tuning. Now what we are going to do is install the radio module inside the headphone and then tune it to your Emitter's frequency and grab some of the controls of the radio module out of the headphones so that you can tune it without opening the whole headphone again. Now we move on to the Emitter, you have to make your own Emitter. It's a simple Electronics project. The circuit consists of one 2N2222 or BC547 transistor (You can use one or the other depending on the availability, But i prefer using a 2N2222 transistor) used as a base amplifier which amplifies the audio signals form your computer or T.V. and converts it into FM signal. The emitter's frequency is between 87.5 to 108.0 Mhz (Common radio frequency) and can be tuned to any frequency by changing the value of the 20-40 picofarad variable capacitor. Now FYI it's rage in not good up-to 3-4 rooms or 5meters so i my view you won't need a license for the frequency usage. You can emit any kind to audio signal from T.V, Computer, MP3 player , Mobile Phone , etc.

Thank you for all your work. Here in Canada's fourth or fifth largest city there are only one or two places which sell individual components. People are so used to buying ready made stuff because they give instant gratification. Experimenters order parts from the US and pc boards from Iran or India because it so much cheaper even with exhorbitant postage rates. I've experimented all my life even if my projects didn't work. I used "surplus" parts and had to learn the color codes or whatever. I also find I often have to "repair" new items due to faulty soldering from too cheap prices. In North America, very little gets fixed, just binned and sent back to where it was made. Wonderful. So it was inspiring to see your plans and work and prodded me to be less consumerist. Again than you.
Thank you too!
Glad you liked it!
Do you have a video where you put up the components? It would be really helpful
No , sorry man! I can guide you through PM if you have any problem!
<p>Hey thanks for the post!<br>I'm sure it's helped a lot of people.<br>I found this while looking for a way to do something slightly different.</p><p>I have a few bluetooth headsets, but they trap me a few feet near the computer.</p><p>Is there a way to set your computer input/output to a device in my network instead?</p><p>That would allow people to walk their whole house.</p><p>If that is even remotely doable, I'm pretty sure it a well scripted video would have a huge number of backers at kickstarter...</p>
<p>Well, as far as i know , you can add an signal power amplifier of say a watt , to the bluetooth tx/Rx of your pc. that will do the trick or increasing range. bluetooth signal amplifiers circuits can be easily ofund on any electronics website.</p>
<p>Thanks a lot for post brother.</p>
<p>other than buying a radio model,do you know how to make it(i mean on the pcb)</p>
<p>Yeah man, but you should really google it a complex one and on google you will get a variety of radio receivers in FM range which are easy to make! :)</p>
<p>cani use this &quot;https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZlIx4CGtX4&quot; to make the radio module? If it is wrong can u please tell me about the radio module used? </p>
<p>1. This is a bad idea cause the transmission frequency drifts frequently so you just can't tune with much with a manual tuned radio.</p><p>2. That circuit is firetruck! , these circuits are very theoretical and needs extreme precision to make , so you have to be very patient to make this and patience is not generally present in this generation's blood , so you need a different circuit.</p><p>Private message me your email and i will send you some circuits which you can built if you want!</p><p>And don't get depressed with it cause it's not that much of a thing that you fail or you're not eligible to make something but it's important to keep trying day and night without even thinking once that you can't do it.</p>
will it be possible to use my smartphone as a radio receiver?
Yeah! no matter just search your frequency by tuning! but you don't have to ask 5 times! or i think your mouse left click button is quiet loose you can put a simple paper between the switch and the upper casing button or you can change you click button!
<p>my FM transmitter is poor..what can i do?</p>
Thanx for the reply and the mouse fix. Sorry for posting it 5 times, I commented via my phone and it lagged a little, sorry about that.
No! need of sorry i faced the same problem with my mouse and it really got me suffered.
<p>my FM transmitter is poor..what can i do?</p>
<p>my FM transmitter is poor..what can i do?</p>
<p>Nice! this is really helpful!</p>
<p>You could place multiple transmitters all around your house all connected to the same audio source, all tuned at the same frequency, so you have in your whole house receive range.</p>
<p>Could you give me some video. I have a poor imagination so I can't understand your pictures. Thank you very much</p>
<p>Sorry dear but it was destroyed because of mishandling ! So i can't give a video now, i wish you had asked few weeks ago! But the video i gave is also enough to replicate it! If you have any questions even the little ones feel free to pm me!</p>
<p>What a pity . But I'll be very appreciate if you give me (and every one) a detailed instruction about the transmitter. Thank you again</p>
<p>for live instruction you can skype me or get me on facebook.</p><p>My skype user id is: sami.maman.samad</p><p>&amp; facebook is : Samadmaman Haque</p>
<p>Sorry dear but it was destroyed because of mishandling ! So i can't give a video now, i wish you had asked few weeks ago! But the video i gave is also enough to replicate it! If you have any questions even the little ones feel free to pm me!</p>
<p>If I could do this I whould make it. I Will have to cry in the corner...</p>
well it's easy for those who know electronics a little bit! in your case you could learn electronics or i have another simple way if you can buy things from ebay i can get it done by you!<br>
You could buy or search for parts all around and you will will get some of them! ut about the radio transmitter making is quiet cheap but buying will cost you around $25-30.
<p>I could buy it all by ebay. But the price will be important...</p>
does it work in stereo mod
Yes but you need to make a good FM transmitter circuit using an BA1404 IC! <br>
good work..now i'm developing a small project with headphone..better if i can add a wireless stereo connectivity to it..
Yes but you need to make a good FM transmitter circuit using an BA1404 IC! <br>
how can i change the frequency of the emitter? by changing the value of the variable capacitor? or the inductor? and lastly, do you have a circuit diagram for fm receiver? can i used this http://www.electroschematics.com/5150/tiny-fm-radio/ circuit instead of buying a radio receiver module?
Yes you can tune it by changing the value of C2 don't touch the inductor it will be messy! and the receiver circuit you gave is not very well and you will suffer a lot so i think use a BA1404 IC circuit or another IC circuit not the circuits with transistors only!
I really feel like trying, but I already have a pair of Jabra Revo wireless headphones. So maybe I should try something els;-)
Helo sir.. just wanna if i can used it in my circuit.. i have an IC that produce sound/speech to the speaker. Now i want to remove the speaker and make it wireless communication between my circuit and my headphone. it that possible? <br>should i connect the emitter to the output of the IC?
yes it is possible just name the IC and get me some images to see you speaker!And don't call me sir i am 16!
A little booster minded.
Very well! you should keep it up!
PDF won't download. <br>it comes up with the page where the pdf should be displayed, but it just gives it as 0bytes. what happened?
Yes it's the same with me! Please report to instructables Bug-Report community <br>1
I don't know i think you are not a pro member! (That's what i think)
Great innovative &quot;cut &amp; paste&quot; job !
will it be possible to use my smartphone as a radio receiver?
will it be possible to use my smartphone as a radio receiver?
will it be possible to use my smartphone as a radio receiver?

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