A home automation system should be able to turn on/off appliances such as lights, fans, entertainment systems, etc. A system that is wireless yet independent from the Internet, but most importantly, DIY and open-source because I want to understand how it works.

Why re-invent the wheel?

Someone was nice enough to do most of the work for us ;-)

The CoreConduit: Garden Controller System is a project I created that can easily accommodate home automation applications with an understanding of how it works and what changes need to be made. Remember to make every attempt to respect licenses and credit those for their hard work.

Step 1: Review the CoreConduit: Garden Controller System

The Coreconduit: Garden Controller System does more than we need for human living conditions so let's see what it is doing so we can make some changes. The author of the Instructable drones on and on about healthy plants requiring attention and boredom until,

"...I've programmed into the Arduino a function I called, "TheDecider" that makes decisions based on maintaining optimum environmental conditions for growing plants. I added 2.4Ghz Wireless Radio Transceiver modules and a modular receiver system so that data is transmitted to within 1000 feet."

Nice! We should take a look at this, "TheDecider"

Another plus for this project is:

"With safety in mind, I chose not to use relays that expose AC currents. Instead, I chose to use Remote Controlled Wireless Outlets for controlling lights, pumps, fans, heaters, and humidifiers."

<p>It' ok, good project, so i do not care.</p>
Thanks! The final project is at <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Smart-Gardening-System/" rel="nofollow">https://www.instructables.com/id/Smart-Gardening-System/</a>
<p>This is really good work, but quite complicated, which limits how many people are likely to build it. I came up with an easier way to control outlets by using a handheld remote that is triggered by relays controlled by a raspberry pi: https://www.instructables.com/id/Control-Any-Remote-From-a-Raspberry-Pi-and-Amazon-/ - Pi programming is a lot easier than arduino programming, though maybe not as much fun.</p>
<p>How it works?..</p>
<p>Thank you for your question. The software manages &quot;sensor&quot; objects and &quot;appliance&quot; objects by transmitting and receiving to the <em>controller</em> which makes decisions using <i style="font-weight: bold;">TheDecider </i>to turn on and off wireless AC outlets.</p>
People!<br>Why some of you are so grumpy. <br>The project is good. Why some human beings are always looking for motivations without knowing the one that took the time and effort to do it. It was a good prihect and i enjoyed. Thanks for taking your time to explain it.
<p>I like this. It helped me know what this Arduino is for. I like the dry humor of pretending to base it on someone else's work, when it turns out to be you. I like that! And how gratifing that someone noticed.</p>
<p>I am a bit confused: aren't you the author of the Coreconduit Garden Controller Systen?</p>
<p>Sorry for causing confusion. My intent was to be humorous in the fact that I'm showing readers how to hack my own project for their needs.</p>
<p>Your intent was also &quot;maybe&quot; to be able to enter this in the Home Automation contest which started after your original Instructable was already published?</p>
<p>I'm sorry if you think entering a contest is my primary motive for sharing. Honestly, I've spent a lot more money on these projects than any contests will ever compensate me for. My original Instructable is for a garden controller, not home automation. I think I have provided a significant amount of new information in this Instructable. If I do win a contest it would be a bonus. Thank you for taking the time to comment, even if it wasn't very positive or constructive.</p>
<p>no problem, no harm doe, but indeed i was getting a bit confused. Good project by the way</p>
<p>I touched it up a bit and I think it'll be more clear and still somewhat humorous :-) btw, thank you for taking the time to comment!</p>
<p>sorry for cousing trouble. I was just curious :-)</p>
<p>No trouble at all! I sincerely appreciate you letting me know what I had written was confusing. Your feedback has been very helpful. Thanks much for your constructive comments!!</p>
<p>It' ok, good project, so i do not care. </p>

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