Introduction: DIY Hair Bobble Big

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My sister and I made some hair bobbles and we thought that we would post a toturial. It was very fun to do and you can do it any color you like.

What you need:

  • fabric of any kind
  • elastic band (the fabric kind)
  • sewing machine
  • thread and needles

Step 1: Preparing

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Cut your fabric in the shape of a rectangel. You can cut it any size you want but mine was 10cm x 25cm. Sow all around the edge so it doesn't unravel.

Step 2: Tricky Sewing Part

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Sew from one end to the other leaving about 2cm in each end. I forgot the part about leaving the 2cm and it is very important so please don't make the same mistake. It's all illustrated in the pictures.

Step 3: Inside Out

Picture of Inside Out

Turn your tube inside out.

Step 4: Connecting Ends

Picture of Connecting Ends

Take the ends of your tube and connect them using the two flat sides. Make sure that the are connected by the outsides and NOT the insides.

Step 5: The Elastic Part

Picture of The Elastic Part

Take your fabric elastic band, decide your length and add 1cm. Cut it in that length and stuff it inside the tube. You might want to use a safty pin to make things easier as shown i the pictures. Finaly sew the elastic band together.

Step 6: Finishing Up

Picture of Finishing Up

Stitch up the hole by hand.

Done! :D


becker990 (author)2016-03-28

this is so cute, i used to have long hair(I'm a guy) and broke/lose them all the time. thanks!!

Kirminator (author)becker9902016-04-22

You're welcome <3

Lineakat made it! (author)2016-03-27

This is so cute! I made one to match a dress I made :)

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