Picture of DIY Hair Bows
I got my hair cut several months ago and finally had an excuse to use a bow I’d bought. Limited in the amount of clothing it went with-and stumbling upon an exciting amount of fun felt at Hobby Lobby-I decided I needed to make my own.

1. Hot Glue Gun
2. Printed Felt
3. Needle and Thread
4. Hair Clips
5. Pencil
6. Scissors (not pictured)
7. Cardstock (not pictured)
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Step 1:

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First I made a couple different templates. They all made different size bows, so cut you r template to the size you want. I used cardstock to make my template more durable. I folded the sheet and only drew on one half of it to make both sides even. I just free handed my template because the finished look is quite forgiving to any sloppy lines.

Step 2:

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Trace your template onto the felt or specialty fabric sheets. Be sure to leave a little edging (approx 1/2 in.) around your template. This will be useful in the next step. Cut out the piece that will make up your bow.

Step 3:

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Cut a section of the edging you left to make the accent that will wrap around the center of your bow. Cut it longer than you think you will need. You can always trim it down later.

Step 4:

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Pinch your bow together. I folded mine in the center once and them made four more folds to make the triple fold look in the center. You can fashion your bow any way you wish.

Step 5:

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Using the thread and needle you want to reinforce your center by stitching it together a couple of times. I held my creases in place by clamping one of my hair clips onto it. This allowed me to sew through the layers without losing the shape of the bow. Tie off and cut your excess thread.

Step 6:

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Using the hot glue gun place a dab of glue at the dip in the bow, leaving a little extra on the tail to wrap around to the back. Hot glue this down too.

Step 7:

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Affix the hair clip to the back of the bow with the glue and with a dab on the inside of the clip, slip through the remaining amount and press down. Cut off any excess. Having the center accent glue around the clip will help keep it attached longer.

Step 8:

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Let everything cool completely, clean off any spider web tendrils of glue left over (I hate those!) and ta-da! you have a shiny new hair accessory! You can make them out of pretty much any felt and even some of the sparkly fabric sheets. Happy Making!
tsigmund6 months ago
Here is a quick trick I learned while making misc. hair flowers and bows for me and my girls. To deal with those pesky glue webs (strings from hot glue) Is to use your blow dryer on a med-high setting, this makes them just sort of whither away. You just lightly wave it over the area at a close distance. *Not to close distance so not to melt the bow depending on material*
crazylam151 year ago
can you please put a pic of you wearing one of the bows?
ilove all the bowa not only the polka dotter and the sparkly ones too
I* and bows*
zamrin1 year ago
I like the polka dotted one the most!
That is so cool! Instead of hair clips, could you use bobby pins?
Ninaskyy1 year ago
the bows you made are really cute i <3 bows
So easy to make and they look super cute!
I love all the sparkly ones!