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This is a fantastic hair mask for those of you who have really dehydrated hair. Since mine is so long, I seem to go through a lot of conditioner, and most of the time it doesn't help in keeping my hair moisturized. I combined a few of nutrient rich ingredients to give my hair a quick boost without spending so much money on expensive hair products that may not do the job. Plus, this mask is natural and totally healthy!


Step 1: Ingredients

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*Avocado is not only good to eat but is my number one ingredient for hair repair because it coats the hair and leaves it with a smooth effect. It's great for that moisture kick you need. Honey is also great because it gives your hair a nice shine (and it smells good, too). We all know that egg is essential for protein- it's also an amazing source of protein for your hair follicles. The best way is to use the whole egg. 
You'll Need:
*Medium bowl
*Paint brush (pastry brush)
*Half of an avocado (ripened) 
*1 tablespoon of honey
*1 large whole egg (yolk, eggwhites and all)
*Essential oil of your choice
*In a bowl, wisk the egg as if you are scrambling it. In a separate bowl, mash up the avocado as much as possible so theres no big chunks. Add the avocado, honey and essential oil. Mix well. Set aside or in refrigerator. 
NOTE: The essential oil I used is Lavender. I got a great starter package with a variety of oils because I wasn't sure what scents I would like. Lavender has a light, floral aroma that is refreshing to the hair. I do however occasionally switch out different scents such as sweet orange, and peppermint (peppermint gives a cool, tingling feeling). If you do choose to add essential to your hair mask just make sure its therapeutic grade, these are the purists. 

Step 2: Wash, Apply Mask

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Wash your hair first with shampoo, followed by a towel dry. With all your ingredients combined, brush hair mask with the pastry brush onto your hair covering the ends evenly. Throw into a tight bun and cover with a shower cap!
*Leave on for 15-30 minutes.

Step 3: Rinse, Towel Dry

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With luke warm water (not hot), rinse your hair thoroughly making sure you wash all the avocado out (it may take several minutes to wash out, don't worry). Wash your hair as you normally do. Towel dry. 
NOTE: I like to towel dry my hair because the heat of the hair dryer can be very damaging. 
As you can see from the before and after pic (this is my after), my hair is less frizzy and dry. It also gave my hair a good shine and clean feeling. Enjoy your beautiful, fully hydrated hair =)


crewelgirl (author)2016-04-17

Here's a shampoo & conditioner that I have used for years and--incredibly--I have gotten more compliments since I started using this 5 years ago than in the rest of my life combined. Take 2 tablespoons of baking soda in a cup or two of warm water, pour through your hair, then rinse. Take 2 tablespoons of vinegar in a cup or two of water; pour that through your hair & rinse completely with plain water. My hair has always seemed course to me until I started using this & vinegar is a natural detangler. I have a theory that shampoo companies sell us detergents ( that strip the natural oils from our hair) and then they sell us a conditioner.

GayanthiC (author)crewelgirl2017-09-01

is it necessary to use both vineger and baking soda methods

crewelgirl (author)GayanthiC2017-09-02

Did they eat soda shampoo gently cleanse your hair you can just pour it through your hair and really not vigorously scrub it at all once you have rinsed out all the baking soda and water the vinegar and water rents actually detangles your hair and rinses out any residue that might be left from washing it.
I have used only baking soda in the absence of shampoo and I have used only vinegar in the absence of a detangler. Separately they work great, but together they're unbeatable.

I also wanted to add a PostScript to this post I put in a few months ago. I have since moved to an area where the water is pretty hard and this method doesn't work the same way. When I first started using this method, I lived in an area that had very soft water and the results were amazing. However, if you're obsessed nut (like I am), you can wash your hair with a gallon of store-bought drinking water or distilled water and have great results.
I hope this is answered question if not give another try. I'd be happy to talk more with you about it.

Also, although I am a great fan of this method, I am not a scientist and I don't have all the answers. If you have a certain type of hair or you're wondering about certain conditions that might affect the outcome, just give this method a try; it can't really hurt you and it's very inexpensive to use; you probably already have all the ingredients in the house.

crewelgirl (author)crewelgirl2016-04-22

I also forgot to mention that after a few months of cleaning my hair this way, I noticed my hair has gotten considerably longer than it's ever been. I have never been able to grow my hair all that long, but one day I was getting dressed and something was tugging on my scalp and I realized that my air had gotten caught in my underarm! I have never had that happen before! Lol
Since vinegar & water is a mild acid, maybe it unclogged the pores of my scalp; I have no idea, but it definitely allowed my hair to grow longer than it has ever been.

AllieG2 (author)crewelgirl2016-04-22

Thanks so much!
My hair is to the bottom of my spine (down to my backside) so the soda bottle is a great idea. And it's a really easy mixture to double or tripple.

Once again thanks Sooooooo much! This will save me so much money and by the sounds time!


AllieG2 (author)crewelgirl2016-04-21

I have oily hair do you know how well this will work on my hair like around & close to my scalp?

Do you have a suggestion of a container to control when you pour the liquid through your hair? I have really long and thick hair so was thinking like a mini watering can lol. would help with separating hair in sections (my hair is down to my tailbone).

Thanks for sharing :)

crewelgirl (author)AllieG22016-04-22

I have long hair also & it used to be oily. This is what I do: I take a large plastic cup (like you get for a soda at a convenience store) then I keep a plastic container of vinegar in the bathroom and another plastic container baking soda. Since we're all swimming in to-good-to-throw-away recycling this is easy to do. To wash my hair, I pour about 2 tablespoons of baking soda into the cup & add a cup or two of water (depending on how much hair you have; this is a non-critical mix), stir with my hand to dissolve, then pour through my wet hair & massage my scalp a bit, then rinse it out. Although our hair does get dirty, it's not dirty like the underside of a car; our hair only requires gentle cleaning. Next I repeat the same procedure with the vinegar, then make sure it's all rinsed out. And that's it. It's amazing to me how manageable my hair comes out doing it this way and how the vinegar detangles your hair. Our great-grandmothers were really onto something!

Both baking soda and vinegar can be used as meat tenderizers. Hair and meat are both made of protein, so that might explain why the coarse hair has softened.

JudyT28 (author)crewelgirl2016-04-17

Thanks, Crewelgirl...I'll be trying that.

AnikaP1 (author)2016-06-21

I've curly hair and as expected it' darn rough and dry. Therefore, I'm always on a look out for new hair masks (because products are too expensive and I really don't feel like pending my money on them). Till now, I've used various avocado hair masks and they work wonders for my hair, making them easy to manage and smooth. I also use some other masks as well and they're good too. And yes I'll definitely try yours and then will come here gain to give my take on it.

AllieG2 (author)2016-04-21

What consistency did the mix have? I think i will have to double the mix.

Thanks for sharing!

gkeys409 (author)2016-04-20

Might just be time to get a hair cut and get H&S for dry hair !?

eastendsoap (author)2016-04-17

I make skin and hair care products and I can give you some tips. First of all, essential oils are very potent but there is no such thing as therapeutic grade. That is a marketing term used by some MLM companies so that they can charge you an outragious price, don't fall for it. Second, citrus oils on the face and hair can make you photosensitive (stay out of the sun or it can lighten your hair or even give you a sun burn), and can even strip the oils from your hair and skin - so, doing the opposite effect you're trying to achieve. Use other oils that are more hair friendly - like rosemary, lavender and maybe a couple of drops of tea tree too! Argan oil and jojoba works beautifully too, or even olive oil if you dont have them. Every hair type is different and there is no one solution for all - experiment with your choices but always research first! :)

Laynie (author)eastendsoap2016-04-17

This tutorial is primarily for people who want to try a more natural approach, without using harsh chemicals on their hair. It isn't by any means a miracle mask. I just wanted to share something that worked when I did it, I can't guarantee that someone with a different hair type than me would have the same results, that's silly. But there's no harm in trying it! :)

DiyDelacasy (author)2016-03-20


Cold-Fusion (author)2013-12-26

Hi, you apply it on a dry hair or wet ? How many minutes do you live it on your hair?

thank you so much

Silver_Apple (author)Cold-Fusion2016-01-22

In step #2 it says to towel dry then apply the hair mask

You apply it on wet hair after you shampoo and you live it on for 15 - 30 minutes.

Thank you I really wanted this step

TaLeisa (author)2015-11-18

I'm making some DIY gifts and I'm trying to find a hair mask that I could jar...would you recommend this or would this need to be used right away?




BonSch19 (author)2015-09-22

cool.but what about frizzy hair.

little my (author)2014-08-22

So I have hair that's been bleached so it's damaged but it's also dyed is your mask safe for dyes hair?

Hi Little,

Yes, avocado oil is completely safe for hair, since it contains no chemicals to mess with dye in the your hair. Check out our Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil, Rosemary OIi - Organic Hair Mask. It is receiving great feedback for repairing dry, damaged hair. You can see it at:

SharonGrace (author)2015-05-14

I'm going to make this. I want to make it with peppermint, but don't have any essential oils. Could I use extract? Could I just leave it out completely?

cassioppe (author)2014-02-07

To wash hair in a natural way hence using less shampoo, separate the white and yolk, beat the white to a meringue then use it to wash your hair. Full of albumine it is a great natural way to wash, without all the chemical. Use the yolk by beating it to a mayonnaise state then add as explained in this instructions. low cost and very efficient to wash and condition hair....I add sweet almond oil to the avocado-egg mix for perfect result, rinse out with white vinegar to add extra shine....(apple cidar vinegar is good too but leaves too much of a vinegar smell)

Rhi-Rainbow (author)2014-01-05

Does it matter if you condition your hair when you shampoo it? My hair is very frizzy and curls easily so gets really knotty if I don't condition it

sabu.dawdy (author)2013-12-03

this is awesome.. how ever i don't have avocado :(any alternatives?

Laynie (author)sabu.dawdy2013-12-04

Thank you :) yes, you can use banana. It's cheap and gives a similar consistency

crafty_chick_556 (author)2013-11-11

Where did you get the oil from

Laynie (author)crafty_chick_5562013-11-12

I got this set from Amazon.

neffk (author)2013-11-08

Nice write-up.

It's very popular to talk about repairing damaged hair. Every commercial basically claims to repair hair damage. But what about avoiding damage in the first place? You mentioned that you should wash out the "mask" with warm-not-hot water, which made me think about the damage caused by frequent washing of hair. I guess here in the USA people think they should shower every day, including washing their hair. I wonder if all that washing is a problem. If nothing else, your mask treatment would last a lot longer with less frequent washing, right?

Laynie (author)neffk2013-11-08

Yes, commercials do always talk about that! I wash my hair twice or 3 times a week a most. Plus, I would go through way too much shampoo if I did that! I think people are already used to washing their hair everyday so it's just a common thing for them. I do have a couple friends that say they wash their hair everyday because it's thin and looks greasy if they don't, but everyone has different types of hair so it varies. It may last longer with less washing, It does well for me but I also take care of mine and don't blow dry it, flat iron, hair spray etc. unless for special occasions.

neffk (author)Laynie2013-11-11

Hair varies and so do opinions. People with certain african genetic backgrounds do not produce much oil in their scalps and their hair is very different. Also hair shape makes a difference but my point is that hair is greasy and that's normal. If you don't want greasy hair, be prepared for the consequences.

I appreciate (and use!) deodorant and soap but some people really take it to extremes.

dsantil71 (author)neffk2013-11-08

I think it was the shampoo manufacturers that started the idea that you needed to wash your hair daily. The more product you use, the more you have to buy. Think about the actual word - sham - poo = fake - crap. Pretty sad when you think about it.

carrie dalton (author)2013-11-08

I love your instructions thank you, oh and you have beautiful hair<3

Laynie (author)carrie dalton2013-11-10

Thanks so much!

Laynie (author)carrie dalton2013-11-10

Thanks so much!

DHFabian (author)2013-11-08

Thanks! I look forward to trying this. My hair is thick, just a little shorter than the pictures. In winter, with the furnace running, my hair ends up looking like a big brown dandelion gone to seed -- serious frizz.

Laynie (author)DHFabian2013-11-10

Awesome! I hope it works for you, mine gets super dry in the winter too.

dsantil71 (author)2013-11-08

Does this help with keeping hair from getting split ends? I don't do anything to my hair, blow dry, straight iron, nothing but it's curly & long so it's dry (which is normal for curly hair) & prone to broken & split ends. I use sulfate free shampoo only twice a week, an all natural cleansing conditioner the other days and an intense conditioner afterward everyday. Then I let it air dry. I already have peppermint & lavender essential oils and argon oil. So I will definitely try this recipe.

Laynie (author)dsantil712013-11-08

I would say if you consistently did it, it probably would help. You seem like you take good care of your hair. But still, you do want to get your hair trimmed every few months or so, this is just a maintenance thing for when you feel like your hair is getting dried out. I've heard argon oil is good so try that and see how it works for you!

dsantil71 (author)Laynie2013-11-08

I use argon oil daily on my face, as an anti-aging treatment. People hear oil & can't imagine putting it on their face but it's not like regular oil. It only takes a couple drops. I actually have to wet my face first, so I can be able to spread the oil all over. Otherwise my face instantly soaks it up where I apply. I don't break out with acne anymore, the redness has gone down. I can't use it on my hair daily though, it would look too greasy. I have to use a mousse with silicone or dimethicone. The only "bad" things I put on my hair but that's all that will control my curl. Yes, I trim it every 3 months but I still tend to get some split, broken ends.

beramsey (author)2013-11-08

Thank you! This sounds so interesting and easy. I have curly hair that is a horror to keep hydrated. This will be worth a try.

Laynie (author)beramsey2013-11-08

It is worth a try, good luck!

Cabi (author)2013-11-07

Beautiful hair color!

Laynie (author)Cabi2013-11-08

Thank you :)

mchia1 (author)2013-11-08

Thanks! I'm going to try this today.

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