Picture of DIY Hair Mask for Dry, Brittle Hair
This is a fantastic hair mask for those of you who have really dehydrated hair. Since mine is so long, I seem to go through a lot of conditioner, and most of the time it doesn't help in keeping my hair moisturized. I combined a few of nutrient rich ingredients to give my hair a quick boost without spending so much money on expensive hair products that may not do the job. Plus, this mask is natural and totally healthy!

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Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients
*Avocado is not only good to eat but is my number one ingredient for hair repair because it coats the hair and leaves it with a smooth effect. It's great for that moisture kick you need. Honey is also great because it gives your hair a nice shine (and it smells good, too). We all know that egg is essential for protein- it's also an amazing source of protein for your hair follicles. The best way is to use the whole egg. 
You'll Need:
*Medium bowl
*Paint brush (pastry brush)
*Half of an avocado (ripened) 
*1 tablespoon of honey
*1 large whole egg (yolk, eggwhites and all)
*Essential oil of your choice
*In a bowl, wisk the egg as if you are scrambling it. In a separate bowl, mash up the avocado as much as possible so theres no big chunks. Add the avocado, honey and essential oil. Mix well. Set aside or in refrigerator. 
NOTE: The essential oil I used is Lavender. I got a great starter package with a variety of oils because I wasn't sure what scents I would like. Lavender has a light, floral aroma that is refreshing to the hair. I do however occasionally switch out different scents such as sweet orange, and peppermint (peppermint gives a cool, tingling feeling). If you do choose to add essential to your hair mask just make sure its therapeutic grade, these are the purists. 
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little my2 months ago
So I have hair that's been bleached so it's damaged but it's also dyed is your mask safe for dyes hair?
cassioppe8 months ago

To wash hair in a natural way hence using less shampoo, separate the white and yolk, beat the white to a meringue then use it to wash your hair. Full of albumine it is a great natural way to wash, without all the chemical. Use the yolk by beating it to a mayonnaise state then add as explained in this instructions. low cost and very efficient to wash and condition hair....I add sweet almond oil to the avocado-egg mix for perfect result, rinse out with white vinegar to add extra shine....(apple cidar vinegar is good too but leaves too much of a vinegar smell)

Rhi-Rainbow9 months ago
Does it matter if you condition your hair when you shampoo it? My hair is very frizzy and curls easily so gets really knotty if I don't condition it
Cold-Fusion10 months ago
Hi, you apply it on a dry hair or wet ? How many minutes do you live it on your hair?

thank you so much
sabu.dawdy10 months ago
this is awesome.. how ever i don't have avocado :(any alternatives?
Laynie (author)  sabu.dawdy10 months ago
Thank you :) yes, you can use banana. It's cheap and gives a similar consistency
Where did you get the oil from
Laynie (author)  crafty_chick_55611 months ago
I got this set from Amazon.
neffk11 months ago
Nice write-up.

It's very popular to talk about repairing damaged hair. Every commercial basically claims to repair hair damage. But what about avoiding damage in the first place? You mentioned that you should wash out the "mask" with warm-not-hot water, which made me think about the damage caused by frequent washing of hair. I guess here in the USA people think they should shower every day, including washing their hair. I wonder if all that washing is a problem. If nothing else, your mask treatment would last a lot longer with less frequent washing, right?
Laynie (author)  neffk11 months ago
Yes, commercials do always talk about that! I wash my hair twice or 3 times a week a most. Plus, I would go through way too much shampoo if I did that! I think people are already used to washing their hair everyday so it's just a common thing for them. I do have a couple friends that say they wash their hair everyday because it's thin and looks greasy if they don't, but everyone has different types of hair so it varies. It may last longer with less washing, It does well for me but I also take care of mine and don't blow dry it, flat iron, hair spray etc. unless for special occasions.
neffk Laynie11 months ago
Hair varies and so do opinions. People with certain african genetic backgrounds do not produce much oil in their scalps and their hair is very different. Also hair shape makes a difference but my point is that hair is greasy and that's normal. If you don't want greasy hair, be prepared for the consequences.

I appreciate (and use!) deodorant and soap but some people really take it to extremes.
dsantil71 neffk11 months ago
I think it was the shampoo manufacturers that started the idea that you needed to wash your hair daily. The more product you use, the more you have to buy. Think about the actual word - sham - poo = fake - crap. Pretty sad when you think about it.
carrie dalton11 months ago
I love your instructions thank you, oh and you have beautiful hair<3
Laynie (author)  carrie dalton11 months ago
Thanks so much!
Laynie (author)  carrie dalton11 months ago
Thanks so much!
DHFabian11 months ago
Thanks! I look forward to trying this. My hair is thick, just a little shorter than the pictures. In winter, with the furnace running, my hair ends up looking like a big brown dandelion gone to seed -- serious frizz.
Laynie (author)  DHFabian11 months ago
Awesome! I hope it works for you, mine gets super dry in the winter too.
dsantil7111 months ago
Does this help with keeping hair from getting split ends? I don't do anything to my hair, blow dry, straight iron, nothing but it's curly & long so it's dry (which is normal for curly hair) & prone to broken & split ends. I use sulfate free shampoo only twice a week, an all natural cleansing conditioner the other days and an intense conditioner afterward everyday. Then I let it air dry. I already have peppermint & lavender essential oils and argon oil. So I will definitely try this recipe.
Laynie (author)  dsantil7111 months ago
I would say if you consistently did it, it probably would help. You seem like you take good care of your hair. But still, you do want to get your hair trimmed every few months or so, this is just a maintenance thing for when you feel like your hair is getting dried out. I've heard argon oil is good so try that and see how it works for you!
dsantil71 Laynie11 months ago
I use argon oil daily on my face, as an anti-aging treatment. People hear oil & can't imagine putting it on their face but it's not like regular oil. It only takes a couple drops. I actually have to wet my face first, so I can be able to spread the oil all over. Otherwise my face instantly soaks it up where I apply. I don't break out with acne anymore, the redness has gone down. I can't use it on my hair daily though, it would look too greasy. I have to use a mousse with silicone or dimethicone. The only "bad" things I put on my hair but that's all that will control my curl. Yes, I trim it every 3 months but I still tend to get some split, broken ends.
veruca_salt89011 months ago
Thank you! This sounds so interesting and easy. I have curly hair that is a horror to keep hydrated. This will be worth a try.
Laynie (author)  veruca_salt89011 months ago
It is worth a try, good luck!
Cabi11 months ago
Beautiful hair color!
Laynie (author)  Cabi11 months ago
Thank you :)
mchia111 months ago
Thanks! I'm going to try this today.
jdougherty211 months ago
Do you use the entire mix each time, or is there mix left? If some is left, how long does it keep?
Laynie (author)  jdougherty211 months ago
Yes, I do because I have long, thick hair. I wouldn't keep it overnight because the avocado will start to oxidize and turn brown. I'd use it immediately. If you know it won't cover your entire hair, cut the recipe in half and that should be okay!
lazemaple11 months ago
How often do you use this treatment? Every wash or just once a month?
Laynie (author)  lazemaple11 months ago
Probably about once a week or so. I only wash my hair about 3 days a week otherwise it will get greasy so I wouldn't do it more than once a week, you don't need it that much.
BrotherXaos11 months ago
Is this something that you do every day? Or something you do every now and then when your hair needs it?
Laynie (author)  BrotherXaos11 months ago
I just do it every now and then. You know your hair and if it starts to feel dry or frizzy then i'd say go for it.
MonkiMan11 months ago
you should add some argon oil, its great for your hair.
Laynie (author)  MonkiMan11 months ago
Cool, I'll try that, I also like to use coconut oil sometimes
Wow! I'm definitely going to try this! you have beautiful hair :)
Laynie (author)  Muhaiminah Faiz11 months ago
You're welcome!
Gladius2211 months ago
Hello!! I just happen to come across this and it looks like a spectacular recipe!! I only have one question though, for the essential oil, how much of it should be used for the hair? How many spoons out of the ounces should I use, or use the half the bottle?? I'm aiming to try it this Thursday. :) Everything else has it's step and this one was a little vague, I just want to be sure :3 Thank you!
Laynie (author)  Gladius2211 months ago
Thank you :) Okay, so I probably did about 3-4 drops, the essential oil should come with a dropper built in. The oils are strong and depending which one you use, it could be mild or really potent. Pretty much use your best judgement on how strong you want the smell to be. I'm just not a fan of the egg and so I might have used a few extra drops so the smell wouldn't be so noticeable.
superdupercat11 months ago
thank you so much for this tutorial!
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