Handmade charm bracelet made using chain, and a stretchy hair tie.

Step 1: Tools Needed

2 chain nose pliers
1 round nose pliers

Step 2: Supplies

Stretchy hair band tie
Split Jumpring
Large hole bead

Step 3: Spacer Bead

This was a last minute bead that I decided to add.

Step 4: Connect Chain

First open the end link of your chain and connect the hair tie and close the link.

Step 5: Add Spacer Bead

Now add the large hole bead to your hair tie.

Step 6: Pearl Dangle

Place bead on headpin and do a simple wire wrapped loop.

Step 8: Add Charms

Add the pearl, and owl charm to a open link.

Step 9:

Place other end of chain in your opened chain link.

Step 10:

Now place the opposite end of your hair tie into the open chain link and close the link.

Step 11:

That's it. Cute and simple charm bracelet.
Thank you!
Thanks Sara!
Thank you Sabu. I made one for myself using s textured cross focal and I love it. It's one of my favorites.
<p>it's soooo cute</p>
Yes very simple to make. I believe anyone could do this. You could change out the color of hair ties charms etc.
<p>I know someone with rheumatoid arthritis that will love something like this! No tiny fidgety clasps! No beads all over the floor if it breaks! And cute, too!</p><p>Great idea!</p>
Thank you Mielameri!
Ahhh so cute and simple!

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