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It’s almost Halloween so I’m feeling inspired to create so easy DIY Halloween costumes  When Halloween approaches quickly sometimes it’s hard to find an outfit that’s out of the box and easy to find. Instead of spending lots of money on it why not make your own Halloween costume?

Meet Beetlejuice, The Adams Family colorful cousin lol. When I was a kid I used to watch this cartoon but can’t say I was a big fan. But I love the character, colors and the inspiration for a DIY Halloween. With the right make up and black & white stripes you’re good to go

What You Need:
- Claire’s Neon Hair Colour Green
- Snazaroo Face Painting Kit
- Sleek Make Up Palette i_Divine The Original (black & purple eyeshadow)
- Superdry Lip Paint
- Basic white legging
- Tape
- Acrylic black paint
- Pink Top

Becoming Beetlejuice

The Make Up
1. I started by blowing my hair roughly in order to copy Beetlejuice’s wild hair  If you have fine hair try backcombing and gel to create a Beetlejuice look.

2. Become green by spraying the neon hair color. The color is intense so just the right shade of green if you have dark hair. It might be too neon if you’re blond.

3. 3. The Face painting kit comes with a sponge so I used this to apply the white face make up. I applied 2-3 layers to achieve this effect
4. Proceed with the purple in the kit to recreate Beetlejuice’s racoon eyes.
5. The purple is quite light which is why I also applied some black & purple eyeshadow darken the eyelids.
6. Finish with the lips

The Beetlejuice Outfit
1. Take a basic pair of leggings and lay put the tape. Once that’s done start painting.
2. The fabric absorbs the paint quite quickly so you might need more paint than expected.
3. Once the paint is dry remove the tape.
4. You can DIY a top, spray paint a basic t-shirt pink with textile paint or simply buy a pink top



8bitMisfit (author)2013-10-16

one of the best cartoons EVEA! awsome instructable.



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