Introduction: DIY Halloween Candle (using Tangerine and Oil)

Today I show you how to make a Jack O'Lantern tangerine candle.....using ONLY a tangerine and cooking oil ??? What ??? Yes !
Just another idea for Halloween. This video shows you a great Jack O'Lantern "pumpkin-tangerine" tip for you to try this Halloween. Carve your Jack O'Lantern to another level!

Simple to follow video tutorial with step by step guide.

Here is the video on Youtube

Halloween Tangerine Candle

Happy Halloween !

Pretty cool, huh??? ;-)

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Step 1: Start

Picture of Start

Start with a tangerine and a knife.....

Step 2: Cut the Tangerine

Picture of Cut the Tangerine

Cut the tangerine shell....

Step 3: Take a Spoon

Picture of Take a Spoon

....and spoon it out....

Step 4: Knife Take Two

Picture of Knife Take Two

...take the knife a second time for the face design....

Step 5: You Need Oil

Picture of You Need Oil

Take a little bit of cooking oil...and fill it into the "head"...just a little bit....

Step 6: Light It Up

Picture of Light It Up


Step 7: Ready to Go

Picture of Ready to Go

Happy Halloween :-D


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