Hello! With Halloween on the way, its costume time again! Do you want to transform yourself, your child or a friend into a little devil this Halloween? Watch the video below and learn how to become a devil in 10 minutes! Good luck!
Looks great!! & I think im in love!!!
Suggestion....saran wrap costume; using one 3"x3" square.
oh, you forgot, workout until you're sexy as hell!!
Cool, Nice instructable!<br>PS. is that music from Kingdom Hearts?
The music is from &quot;A Nightmare Before Christmas&quot;, but since some of those characters were used in &quot;Kingdom Hearts&quot;, then this song may have been in the game as well. <br>
I agree with ilikepieinmyshoe. You are hot!
i liked the thanks &quot;sew&quot; much comment at the end
Great devil. Like Elizabeth Hurley in Bedazzled but Better!
Thank you!!!! :D
Thanks for your nice comments everyone!!
You have a funny accent! <br> <br>Nice Instructable!
Thanks, Nice instructable!<br>A perfect devil project! =]
Thank you! Glad you like it! :D

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