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I show DIY do it yourself step by step crafts halloween witch hat! This is a video tutorial on how to make a classy but also spooky witch hat!!!

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Step 1:

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Step 2: Materials Required!

Picture of Materials Required!

- Felt
- Foam
- Tulle
- Glue gun
- Scissors

Step 3: Cone!

Picture of Cone!

Cut on a curve to make a cone (30 cm);
Trim for size, then glued cone;
Cut tabs to attach to brim.

Step 4: Brim of the Hat!

Picture of Brim of the Hat!

Create a brim, then cut.

Step 5: Attach Cone to Brim!

Picture of Attach Cone to Brim!

Hot glue cone to brim!

Step 6: Decorating Hat!!!

Picture of Decorating Hat!!!

Step 7: Voila - Witch Hat!!!

Picture of Voila - Witch Hat!!!


BrendanTheSequeira (author)2015-11-02

Why did you not name this instructable ...witchcraft?

MORENA DIY (author)2015-10-29

Thank you so so much!!!!!!:)) :*

romanursuhack (author)2015-10-29

very nice!!! So sweet)

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