DIY Hama Snowflakes


Introduction: DIY Hama Snowflakes

As soon as I saw this pin I knew it was the perfect excuse to let my inner 10 year old loose on a bunch of Hama beads. I always see the mini beads in the craft store and have to stop myself with the 'what will you actually do with them?' reasoning. Not this weekend, I knew exactly what purpose they were going to serve. So Saturday I got my iron out and went to town. I'm super pleased with the results, I think they are just the right amount of kitsch to decorate our little tree.



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    These were made with Hama beads which is a special type of plastic bead that you put on a raised brail type board and then iron. Here is a link to their website Thanks for the feedback, I will think about making a more step by step tutorial in the future!

    How did you make these? This would make a great tutorial that I know a lot of people would love to see!