Step 3: Assembly

Picture of Assembly
The final step is to bolt everything together. I used a washer on each side the bolt and a tightening washer on the nut side.

After using it a few days I've thought of a couple of improvements. The angled beams flex quite a bit when the hammock is rocking so I think some tensioners running from the top of the beams to the edge of the feet would increase the stability. however they could become tripping hazards!

I should also note that I choose these dimensions based on my hammock's length.

So far it's held pretty well up to 200 pds.
i was thinking about having some pieces go at an angle from the middle of the 6' beams to the ends of the 4' beams, that would make it more stable if you started swinging a little :]
perhaps consider running rope, or cable from the place where you screwed in the Ihooks, to the floor brace. to allow it to hold more weight. great job!
IdahoDavid8 years ago
I'm wondering, too, if a 4x4 for the angled pieces wouldn't also improve the stability. Of course it would also make it a little heavier for moving around.