Picture of DIY Hammock Straps
Hello all! If you are like me, you find enjoyment out of making your own items, otherwise you probably wouldn't be on this website!

After recently purchasing a couple of hammocks, I went back to look at purchasing some straps to assist with fastening to a tree. Was shocked that the strapping materials in a kit cost way more than the 2 hammocks I bought put together. So, I set in to make my own!

1st you need to find your local outdoors store that sells climbing ropes and strapping material. As you see in my materials list, I purchased some hollow strapping 1" width. It will be your judgement on the length you wish to purchase, but as I bought, 2ft is sufficient for each end, and enough to go around the back side of each tree to protect its bark and/or trunk from damage.

Hollow strapping material (2ft per end = 4ft Total)
Paracord (however much you need) I am using approximately 11-12ft as explained further in instructions.
Carabiner x 2 (durable to withstand weight limit; NOT the cheap $ store kind)
* Hammock
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Step 1:

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1. Cut your strapping as mentioned above, into approx. 2ft pieces. If you pinch strap together you can see how this material is hollow. Once separated, lightly singe with lighter to prevent further fraying.

Step 2:

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2. Paracord: First double the cord in half to aid in strengthening. After doubling, cut to desired length. I used a piece about 11 to 12ft in length.
3. Once doubled, slide paracord thru strap until you can grab on other end of strap. This can be a little tricky to slide thru, but if you maintain pinching strap in half it will help.
wjwiii7 months ago


Hammock straps work by spreading out the weight over a larger area of the tree's bark than the cord does. Your design doesn't do this. The strap simply acts as a cover for the cord. You would need to attach the cord to each end of the strap so there is tension on the strap.

ralema69 (author)  wjwiii7 months ago

wjwiii, I don't recall saying that the straps were to be used to disperse the weight. They are being used to protect the tree from damage from the cord, and the strap does that. From what other staps I have seen, this is the same concept, which is what I was replicating.