DIY Handlettered Jars





Introduction: DIY Handlettered Jars

Maybe you always wanted to have some nice handlettered jars? But your handwriting is not that pretty? No problem anymore!

With that trick everybody can have such lovely handlettered jars – I promise :)

Step 1: Items

  • template (of the word you want in any kind of font)
  • permanent marker
  • jar
  • scissors
  • sellotape / Masking Tape

Step 2: Step 1

  • first print your lettering out and cut it into the size you need

Step 3: Step 2

  • fix your word with some Sellotape or Washi Tape in the inner side of your jar

Step 4: Step 3

  • now trace the word with a permanent marker on the jar

Step 5: Step 4

  • remove the template
  • maybe there still are some gaps – so you can do it up now



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    Very cool

    Lovely handlettering!

    ist es spülmaschinen geeignet?
    is it good for the dishwasher?

    Das ist eine gute Frage, die ich dir leider nicht beantworten, sorry... Da wir Studenten sind, besitzen wir leider keine Spülmaschine. Wer auf Nummer sicher gehen möchte, kann Porzellanstifte benutzen. Es gibt ja inzwischen welche, die nach dem Brennen im Ofen spülmaschinenfest sind ;)

    Daniel, ich wünsche dir noch eine schöne Restwoche und liebe Grüße!

    Great idea. I'm going to give it a go for my spice jars, the stick on lables look terrible by comparison. Thanks! ALSO, what language is that, and what are in the three jars? One is obviously muesli.

    Thank you for your nice words :) It´s German. And yeah, you´re right – one is muesli ;) Zucker = sugar, Mehl = flour.

    Enjoy doing this project and have a great week :)