DIY Handmade Hairbrush 1


Introduction: DIY Handmade Hairbrush 1

About: I am a Japanese inventor who is specializing in hairbrushes. I like making things with DIY.

This is a handmade hairbrush with bamboo pins and wild boar bristles. I have never seen people trying to make hairbrushes by DIY before, so I tried it. I learned how to make the hairbrush on my own and made it from scratch through trial and error. Regarding a round type of hairbrushes, none of them has a cushion, but this one does have as my patent pending idea.

Step 1: Make Wooden Parts With a Handmade Lathe

I make wooden parts with the handmade lathe. The feature of the lathe doesn't need jigs. It is very useful and easy to make the parts.

Step 2: Make a Screw Thread

This is my handmade tap and die.

Step 3: Make a Brush Part

The things will be needed for making the brush part are thin strips of bamboo, wild boar bristles, a cushion tube, a screw punch, a handy router, a handmade tufting jig, and so on.

It takes long to make bamboo pins and refine wild boar bristles, which are hard work. I learn how to refine boar bristles by myself.

Step 4: Cushion Round Hairbrushes

There are different series of my handmade cushion round hairbrushes.



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    How can I make the tap and die tool to plug in the bristles? the video for that part doesnt play or inst there..

    Very good! To make them easier to use on yourself or others add 25% more length to the barrel.

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