DIY Handmade Hairbrush 2


Introduction: DIY Handmade Hairbrush 2

About: I am a Japanese inventor who is specializing in hairbrushes. I like making things with DIY.

This is a unique cushion round hairbrush with taking advantage of the elasticity of bamboo.

Step 1: Make Wood Parts With a Handmade Lathe

This is the same method of making "DIY Handmade Hairbrush 1".

Step 2: Make Cushion Parts

I use only the outer surface of bamboo which is the strongest part, not only strong but also elastic. It is very suitable for the cushion parts compared to woods.

Step 3: Tuft Bristles

Tufting bristles by hand is the traditional way which is rarely seen nowadays. I refine wild boar bristles all by myself.

Step 4: Assemble Parts and Wrap With Rattan Peel

It's done!!



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