Picture of DIY Hanging Earring Organizer
I have a lot of earrings and wanted to have an easy way to store the ones I use the most so I can have quick access to them when I get ready in the morning. So I came up with this idea for a really simple and inexpensive DIY earring organizer that can hang from a towel rod or rail. It’s perfect for small bathrooms that don’t have a lot of counter space, and best of all, it only takes minutes to make and only costs a few dollars in materials!

What you’ll need:

Materials: small frame – $1 (from the dollar store – 9″ x 11″), plastic mesh canvas – $2 (from the fabric store – 10.5″ x 13.5″), ball chain (on hand), long prong brads (online) – $2, paint (optional)

Tools: Scissors, drill, paint brush (optional)
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Step 1:

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Remove the glass and any metal clips from the frame and drill holes around the frame, evenly spaced out (I painted my frame with gold metallic paint before drilling).

Step 2:

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With scissors, cut the mesh plastic canvas to the desired size. I cut mine so that it was about 1/2″ wider than the frame all around.

Step 3:

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Join the frame and the mesh canvas using the long prong brads. You can get them online in many different colors to go with your frame. If you don't want to use brads, you can skip drilling holes in the frame and simply use a staple gun to attach the mesh canvas to the back of the frame.

Step 4:

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Fish the ball chain through the top corners of the plastic mesh canvas for hanging. You can also use rope or string.

Step 5:

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Hang and add earrings: the 1/2″ of mesh at the bottom is the perfect spot for hoop, clip-on or really long earrings.

Step 6:

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I hung my earring organizer on the towel rod in my small bathroom and use hooks for my towels instead – works for me! You can use this jewelry organizer with any towel rod, or towel rail and place it anywhere, like on a closet door, or a wall.
princess_ria9 months ago
awesome idea!!! i have a crapton of unused plastic canvas, and a crap of earrings. thanks ☺
EYSpace (author)  princess_ria9 months ago

Thanks! Glad it will help you organize all your earrings!

i did it! and with the top holes I just tacked it to my wall next to my dresser, which used to be covered in earrings.
Love it!!!!!! Instead of using brads you could just hot glue a picture frame and a ribbon for a hangar onto it.
EYSpace (author)  sarahlynnmurphy1 year ago
Sure, that would work too! This is an easy project to customize to work with what you have on hand.
I like this idea!!! I used to love doing plastic canvas art and now I just do have any time so I think I still alot of plastic canvas left over...Thanks for the great idea..
EYSpace (author)  marytunta671 year ago
You're welcome!
@EYSpace Well,looks like it! ^-^
@EYSpace How in ze world did you come up with this? It's genious! Oh,and if I posted twice,I am very sorry because my phone is sooooo stupid. -,...,-'
EYSpace (author)  XKawaiiPandaBearX1 year ago
Thanks! I don't remember exactly how it came to me but I knew when I bought that mesh canvas that it would come in handy one day and it eventually did!!
Omg,this was so freaking simple!
EYSpace (author)  XKawaiiPandaBearX1 year ago
I agree, it was really easy and quick to make!
Oooh I have lots of that plastic canvas and need to organize my earrings too!
EYSpace (author)  Penolopy Bulnick1 year ago
That's great! Hope you'll share some pics of your version!