Picture of DIY Harley Quinn Costume
Hello Everyone! Welcome to this Instructable, where I'm going to show you my take on Harley Quinn from Batman: Arkham City.  This came about because I mentioned, rather offhandedly, to my best friend that she should  dress as Poison Ivy for Halloween because she'd recently died her hair redder than it already was. Somehow, this conversation ended up with me agreeing to be Harley Quinn for Halloween. 

I tend to take Halloween very seriously.

In here you'll find how to make the costume and do the makeup. I encourage you all to take the time and read through the entire Instructable before beginning, just so you know what it is you're getting into. There is sewing involved, and I'm going to go ahead and write this as if you've all done some sewing before but PLEASE if you haven't done any sewing or aren't sure of something, ask! I'll do my best to help you out. In total, I spent about 11 hours on the costume, but I did have some issues that I'll explain later, so if you're familiar with a sewing machine and how to put a pattern together it shouldn't take you nearly as long.

The costume bits start on the next step, and the makeup starts on step 8.

Last, but certainly not least, if you've found this Instructable useful in your Halloween pursuits, or just liked it at all really, please take a moment and vote for it in the Halloween Easy Costumes Contest! I would appreciate it very much! 

Now, on to making yourself the Joker's Hench-Wench, er, girlfriend. 
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What size did you make ur vest? Which did you make, or are all of the vests the same? What was the quilted binding for? and did you use a white as your lining?

ClockCollector (author)  kaitlyn.scholl.506 months ago

I either made a 14 or a 16, but honestly I can't remember. I'd suggest measuring yourself and checking the measurements against the ones on the pattern. There's only one vest included in that particular pattern set. There are aprons and skirts and things too. I used the quilt binding to make the straps on the side. I didn't line my vest, the white is the interfacing.

That clears up a lot. Thanks

dbennett81 year ago
About how much would it cost to buy all of the materials for the vest?
pearce2571 year ago
Good work!
Hzlbrwn2 years ago
I will be Cosplaying Harley this yr and your instructable was very helpful! Thankx
ClockCollector (author)  Hzlbrwn2 years ago
No problem! Glad to help.