Introduction: DIY Head Chain

What you need for this project:

1) Foam sheets

2) jewelry wire

3) jumps ring

4) beads

5) necklace chain

6) charms pendants


KittyLover16 (author)2016-10-01

This is so creative!!! Thank you for posting this! Do you have any ideas on where I can wear this head chain? I haven't really seen many people wear these, so that's why I'm asking. Thanks!

nicekazi (author)KittyLover162016-10-01

Actually, I made this for my sister's wedding. For Haldi and Mehendi(henna tattoo) ceremony, It is part of wedding ceremony. Bride uses to wear this kind of jewelry or flower jewelry.

Haldi and Mehendi(henna tattoo) ceremony is included in the Indian wedding. Unikitty27

KittyLover16 (author)nicekazi2016-11-19

Oh, wow! That sounds interesting... Thank you!

CreativeBlossom (author)2016-10-15

You have my vote!!!! :D

nicekazi (author)CreativeBlossom2016-10-22

Thank you so much @CreativeBlossom

KittyLover16 (author)2016-10-01

You have my vote. Huge thumbs up!

nicekazi (author)KittyLover162016-10-01

Thank you :)

Isagrace (author)2016-09-15

Love it!!!!!

nicekazi (author)Isagrace 2016-09-15

Isagrace Thank you :)

Isagrace (author)nicekazi2016-09-16

Your welcome

victorg6546 (author)2016-09-05

is there a video to this or something that goes into detail how it's done?

nicekazi (author)victorg65462016-09-05

victorg6546 Yes, it is a video. If you click on image video will run.

Or here is video link:

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