Picture of DIY Headlamps
To make your own headlamp, you'll need:  

1. Festoon Bulb
2. Festoon Holder
3. 9v Battery
4. 9v Battery Holder w/ switch
5. (2) Wire Connectors
6. Velcro Tape (Hook)
7.  Velcro (Loop)
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Step 1: Make Your Cardboard Trapezoid Box

Picture of Make Your Cardboard Trapezoid Box
Step 2b.JPG
Step 2d.JPG
1.  Cut out a 4 x 5inch cardboard square 
2.  Place your Festoon Holder horizontally in the center of the square
3.  Draw out two trapezoids from the edges of the Festoon Holder.  
4.  Now draw two more trapezoids above and below your Festoon Holder. These will serve as the sides of your trapezoid box.
5.  Shade in the parts the you'll be cutting out and cut away.  Have someone help you out with a pair of scissors for this step!
6.  You should now have something that looks like this.  The dotted rectangle is where you'll be folding but we'll get to that later--poke two holes on the sides and set down your cardboard for now.

Step 2: Making your lightbulb

Picture of Making your lightbulb
1.  You'll need your Battery Holder, Festoon Bulb, Festoon Holder, and two Wire Connectors.
2.  Place your Festoon Bulb into the Festoon Holder.
3.  Now take your two wire connectors and crimp them onto the two wires coming from your battery holder.  Crimping can be dangerous so you may need an adult to help you with this step.

Step 3: Attaching Your Lightbulb Into Your Cardboard Box

Picture of Attaching Your Lightbulb Into Your Cardboard Box
1.  Take your two wires with the crimped wire connectors and poke them through the two holes in your cardboard.
2.  Attach the wire connectors onto the terminals on your Festoon Holder and crimp them down.  Slide back the wires so that the festoon holder lays flat on the carboard.
3.  Now tape your cardboard trapezoid box together and test out your light!
THis is great! If you had some aluminum foil on the cardboard, do you think it would be more reflective?
dianabernerner (author)  audreyobscura2 years ago
Hey Audrey, great idea! I'll scour around the office for some aluminum foil that we can tape inside the boxes. We're making these headlamps at our DIY Headquarters this Halloween at 6pm so feel free to stop on by