DIY Headphonz





Introduction: DIY Headphonz

Hey you.Are you ready to build your own headphones out from scratch and looks more like an eye candy, don't worrieth more for your search is almost over.Lets proceed:)

Step 1: All You Need

List of items on the bucket list to go shopping:
1.3M 1436 Safety Earmuff
2.Two speakers not more than 2inches diameter
3.Auxiliary cable 3.5mm jack 1.5m long
4.Some loose foam or sponge or cotton.
6.Soldering Equipment.

Step 2: Foam Work

1.Remove the inner foam out of the 3m 1436 ear muffs and cut a circle to fit the base of the speaker snugly like in the picture
2.Take some loose foam and cut into oval shape so they fit into the ear muffs(See the pics)

Step 3: Hardwork

Drill some holes for wires and add them.

Step 4: Soldering

Solder the aux cable to the speakers, follow the diagram given above

Step 5: Final Assembly

Place the foam cut earlier add the speakers cover it with an oval foam more the better, wear and enjoy...
If the speakers sound less or have noise add a capacitor 1000uf or use a headphon amp...{that instructable coming soon;)}



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    great idea. i'm gonna try this very, very soon.