For Valentines day or Mother's day, this heart shaped box is a perfect homemade gift. It's easy and cheap to construct and looks beautiful when finished!



  • Inkscape / svg reader
  • Inkscape Files
  • Utility Knife / Razor Blade
  • Scissors
  • Ruler (13'' minimum)
  • Pen
  • LASER Cutter (Optional)



Step 1: Prepare Pieces

This step is best done using a LASER cutter.

(If not, you can try and hand-design this by printing the hearts on paper and using that as a template to cut the cardboard!)



What needs to be prepared

  • Top of the Heart Box, this is slightly bigger than the bottom
  • Strips for the Lid (3/4” x 13”)
  • Bottom of the Box
  • Strips for the Bottom (1” x 12 3/8”)

LASER Cutter Settings

  • For cutting: *DSJ:QIOWJDOQWIJ*
  • For marking grooves (this makes folding tabs easier): *JEIOC:EWJOEIJ*
  • For etching the text: You want to Raster Engrave the text.

Part 1: Roll the artisan paper over one sheet of cardboard. (Optional)


Part 2: Personalize the Top of the Box. (Optional)

Part 3: Laser cut the top heart on the fancy cardboard.

Careful to cut the outside, mark grooves on the inside lines, and *raster* the text on the top.

Cutting the Top

Rastering a Personal Message!

Part 4: Laser cut the bottom of the heart on regular cardboard.

Part 5: Laser cut the strips!

Part 6: Cover one face of a Top Strip in the artisan paper. (3/4'' x 13'') (Optional)

This one strip will be the outside facing side of your heart. Make it fancy!

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