Ever wanted a pair of earphones with the Green Day "Heart Grenade"? Depends on whether or not you like Green Day. If you do, try this for yourself! If you don't, adapt the idea and use it for another band! With enough patience, you could probably fit a whole album cover on a pair of headphones, though I opted for the easily recognizable icon.

*NOTE* When I made these earphones, I didn't really think things through. There are many shortcuts I could have taken, but didn't think of until after I'd finished them. So there will be a few steps where I'll tell you what I did, then what you could do to make the process easier and probably end up with a neater finished product. Hopefully the instructions are pretty clear(:

Step 1: Plan your design

First off, decide what you want to paint on your headphones. I chose the heart grenade from the cover of Green Day's "American Idiot", but you can use whatever design you want. Figure out what colors of paint you need, how many paint brushes you need and in what sizes, and what color headphones to buy (so you possibly won't need to paint the background)
<p>Does the paint fall off?</p>
Go Green Day!
American Idiot was excellent.
Nail polish works pretty nicely, and if you have the nail art sized brushes you can do detailing.
I actually debated about doing this, but didn't, because A. that involved going home to grab my nail polish, and B. I didn't have a satisfactory red. I actually used my black and white nail art brushes for touch-ups, as I'd forgotten to seal the headphones until I got home.
Or, you could skip the paint and buy some sharpies for simpler deco. But I guess it depends on preference. BTW currently learning Time of Your Life and Boulevard of Broken Dreams on guitar XD
*sigh* Yet another shortcut I hadn't thought about. But I was at my friend's house and she happened to have this paint xD Not sure if sharpies can be found in Denmark anyways...and that's awesomeee! My cousin recently let me &quot;long term borrow&quot; (aka have) his guitar, but I know nothing of chords D: Anwyays, Good Riddance is pretty tough though, even Bilie Joe messes up! xD
Wow, that's cool. You just gave me the idea to do Christian and Gloria kissing on a pair of big headphones. When I make that, I'll post it
Awesome! Can't wait to see it!(:
Omg, awesome (: I love green day.

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