Make your own heart rate monitor using simple components.  Schematics available (see comment section).  Enjoy!
<p>Hi, could you be so kind to send me the schematics to my e-mail?</p><p><a href="mailto:s2rdark@gmail.com" rel="nofollow">s2rdark@gmail.com</a></p><p>Thanks in advance!!</p>
<p>schematic ?</p>
Could you please email me the circuit diagram,,, nouf_s12@hotmail.com,,, thanks in advance
<p>Hi...could you plz send me the circuit diagram......my mail id is nikgson7@gmail.com...thank u!!</p>
<p>send the scematic please !!<br>embenk007@gmail.com</p>
<p>Where are the INSTRUCTIONS??? :S</p>
<p>hi could you please mail me the schematics?</p><p>My mail id- aditya1503@gmail.com</p><p>Thanks</p><p>Aditya</p>

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