A heat gun reflector is a small metal piece that fits over the end of a heat gun. It can be very useful when using heat shrink tubing because it catches a lot of the hot air that would blow past or around the heat shrink and reflects to the opposite side of the tube. It can also serve as a shield to keep the heat from blowing at whatever is on your workbench.

My heat gun is supposed to put out 630º F on low and 1000º F on high, but most of this is wasted as it blows past the object I am trying to heat. With the reflector in place, I can shrink the heat tubing faster on the low setting then I could without it on the high setting, and I am saving energy!

I have seen these things sell anywhere from $5.00 to $50.00 depending on the quality and the store, but it is really just a piece of metal bent to fit the nozzle of a heat gun and can be easily made.

My design can be fit for any gun nozzle, and has an adjustable depth to accommodate various sized objects under the reflector.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Piece of Sheet Metal - I used some scrap aluminum (12" x 1.5")
2 x Small Bolt, nut, & washer - I used 1 x 3/8" #6-40 Machine Screw and 1 x 1/2" #4-40 Machine Screw

Heat Gun - Why would you do this if don't have one?
Safety Glasses
Drill with various sized drill bits
Needle Nose Pliers
Measuring Tape or Ruler
Metal Cutter - Tin Snips, Dremel Tool, Strong Scissors, etc.

Great! <br>I&acute;ll give it a try with my heat gun... <br> <br>Tks
Hey! I did the best with what I had! I used 1 Peace Tea can! The reflector part is easily removable.
Awesome job! I notice a huge decrease in shrink time using mine - how does yours perform? Also, PLEASE remember to let the thing cool off before you even think about touching that piece to remove it.
Haha yes I let it cool! It works GREAT! thanks to you!
Glad to hear it. Now go melt some stuff!
Excellent and so simple! I think in this context it would be a 'deflector'. Reflectors tend to focus energy to one point.......I could be wrong....
Thanks. And you may be right, but commercially, these devices are called reflectors - I think because the point is that they are &quot;reflecting&quot; a portion of the heat back towards whatever you are using it on instead of letting it blow past. I would think a deflector would be more of a shield to prevent any of the heat from actually hitting the object. <br> <br>So maybe it serves as a reflector for the object being heated, and a deflector for the desk space! <br>
Now this has intrigued me I had to look it up and this is what I found: <br>deflector <br>noun <br>a device that deflects something, in particular: <br>&acirc;€&cent; a plate or other attachment for deflecting a flow of air, water, heat, etc. <br>&acirc;€&cent; an electrode in a cathode ray tube whose magnetic field is used to deflect a beam of electrons onto a phosphor screen to form an image. <br>and not to leave it out: <br>reflector <br>noun <br>a piece of glass, metal, or other material for reflecting light in a required direction, e.g., a red one on the back of a motor vehicle or bicycle. <br>&acirc;€&cent; an object or device that reflects radio waves, seismic vibrations, sound, or other waves. <br>&acirc;€&cent; a reflecting telescope. <br> <br>Your instructable is still excellent!
Nice collar fabrication! Thanks for sharing such a simple//elegant method. :)
Thank you.
This is an awesome idea! It virtually eliminates the need for rotating wires when heat sealing! Very nice work - I think I'll actually make this for my heat gun next time I'm in the shop.
I'm glad you like it! Of course, I can't take credit for the concept since it's a commercial product, but it's nice to be know how to make one yourself.

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