Picture of DIY Heavy Class R/c vehicle- (electronics)
ever built or played with a small r/c car and got nowhere but a very flat surface? those little cars can't go much of anywhere and can't carry much of anything either, what you need now is a heavy duty vehicle. Now your in the Pro league. This Instructible will teach you the basics of what you might electronically need to build such a vehicle.
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Step 1: Electronics

Picture of electronics
This will include the all the necessary components to control the bot.... you will need motors around 12v, the motor-controllers that change their speed, signal boosters (for use in my set up),Tx & Rx ( transmitter and receiver),tank signal mixer, main power source, battery for Rx, and chargers for all power sources.(also a fuse or breaker is needed for safety)

Step 2: Motors

Picture of motors
The motor i used is from, this company offers many of the parts needed to drive this project. well not just any 12v motor can work this hard. you will need something with a little more 'Umph' or 'kick' you will need a motor that can supply the torque and speed  you need for your desired vehicle.other motors you can use can be scooter motors,electric car motors, and any other large motors. Along with the motors you will need an equally qualified ESC ( motor controller), that can handle the amp draw of the system.....

Step 3: Esc

Picture of Esc
these are the ones i used for my motors... they can be any make , but they have to be able to stand up to the amp draw.( once again from Vex pro )standard receivers will not be able to transfer the signal, so you will need a signal booster...

Step 4: Signal boosters

Picture of signal boosters
simple inline booster used for in between Esc and Rx....
-PWM Signal Driver

Step 5: Transmitter and receiver

Picture of Transmitter and receiver
any transmitter you have will do.if you do not have one ,for a cheap and reliable system, i would recommend Spectrum 2.4ghz radio with receiver....  i use it for all of my new r/c projects.
G.J. Dyason3 months ago

Is the track made with bicycle chains? and where did you get those sprockets? I'm planning on building a nitro tank with the suspension of the ripsaw ms1 made by howe and howe tech. Your tank is great inspiration and I'm glad to hear that tracks like yours can handle speed since I intend to go very fast!

directorstark (author)  G.J. Dyason3 months ago
this thing has vex pro parts in it. they are number 35 sprockets and roller chain and work off of cim motors,of which i now learned are useless with the heavy battery on board. all of it you can get from .and in terms of the sprockets i had to machine every other tooth off to get this set up to work. after my experience with those chains i would suggest to use 2 double chains instead of 2 single chains, that way you could do without cutting the sprocket tips off. learn from my mistake... but this setup is the strongest possible,it will take whatever power you put into it. it is extremely strong and able to put a high power motors or engines on it.if you can, stay away from vex, those parts are ridiculously expensive and the motors are rather weak for the chain setup.. i'm assuming your nitro is gas, so.. that should work..Good luck and Happy building!
nmaidan1 year ago
I like ur tank track design and intended to build one resemble to this. What kind of sprocket r u using?
directorstark (author)  nmaidan1 year ago

#35 sprocket with every other tooth machined off, but as i am learning while i am building this, i found that
it would be worth it to get doubleroller chain and attach the track
plates to one piece and keep the sprockets whole

Halphinian1 year ago