DIY Heavy Duty Craft Knives/Scalpels/Exactos/Woodworking Knifes/Carving Tools/ETC

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Picture of DIY Heavy Duty Craft Knives/Scalpels/Exactos/Woodworking   Knifes/Carving Tools/ETC

I love knives. That's it. 1 simple tool, 2 parts but so many fonctions. I had this idea while I was trying to find a scalpel for leatherworking and didnt succeed. So, as my first instructable, I will show you how to make yourself DIY heavy duty craft knives (or other cuting tool) of any shape you want and for less then a dollar. This way of making knives is called the the "stock removal method". Since we will be using knives to make knives, it's very simple and fast.

As you wll see in the pictures, yes, this is an instructable I made in the futur ;) Micheal J Fox helped a little but Doc Brown was 2 busy picking in the trash!

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Step 1: Liste of Tools and Materials

Picture of Liste of Tools and Materials

-Marker or pencil
-Sandpaper (last pic I used 400grit)
-Hacksaw or handheld grinder
-Gloves and protective eye gear
-Sharpening system of your choice


-Old butter knives : I found mine at a thrift store for 0.25$ each.  I would advise to take some of the same model and that aren't to thick. Thiker blades will be stronger but can make detailed work on some type of materials like foam or leather difficult.

-Masking Tape

-Plasti Dip/Paracord/Wood (FOR THE HANDLE) : Nice finishing touch, adds grip and prevents that anoying clinking sound.  Can be found in most hardware stores or military surplus.

-Degreaser/WD-40 : To clean the metal if you plan on using Plasti Dip to cover your handle
mchambers21 year ago
Just made one of these far, very impressed. Intended to be a carving/marking knife, so I made it in the kiridashi style, but with a double-bevel blade (in other words, like a big, heave x-acto :D)
wow! this is really cool!
rolfy122 years ago
Good job. I also resorted to making my own knives using this method. I used a very dull paring knife for the first one (already had a wood handle), so far it's my favourite of the ones I've made.
That's a really nice idea. I really like how simple you made this project, as most of the knife-making instructables I see require big chunks of metal or are pretty complex and time consuming.
I do have a question about how long the blades stay sharp. Do they need frequent re-sharpening? Have you tried heating and then quenching to harden the blade after the initial shaping and sharpening?
embochner2 years ago
wow awesome instructables keep on posting