DIY Hermes Helmet





Introduction: DIY Hermes Helmet

Turn your bike helmet into a helmet fit for a GOD!

Step 1: Stuff You'll Need

- Helmet
- Cereal Box - Maple Pecan from Trader Joe's is preferred. So delicious.
- Scissors
- Tape
- Glue stick (not shown)
- Entire case of beer (not shown)
- Printout of some wings... template is attached, so you have no excuses for not doing this immediately.

Step 2: Tape & Cut

Tape the template to the cereal box, cut that motha out.  Easy peasy.

Step 3: Make It Stick

Use a glue stick to laminate the printout to the cereal box cutout. Use something flat & heavy to compress it together... in this example a case of beer is the best tool for the job.

Step 4: TAPE IT!


Now you are just like Hermes, the Olympian who was really freaking fast.  Nothing can stop you now, so go bike, board, skate, pogo-stick like the wind!



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velcro would be nice, you could make a minotaur's horn or other ornaments and stick it when you want a different look.. haha

I just ordered white plastic hobby sheeting from amazon. I'm going to take this same idea but make it waterproof since I live in the pacific northwest.

Super rad. Back when I was a bike messenger I'd have loved to rock this.s

Thats very funny. Imagine someone actually wearing on bike and those wings flapping. Love it !