Picture of DIY Hermes Helmet
Turn your bike helmet into a helmet fit for a GOD!
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Step 1: Stuff you'll need

Picture of Stuff you'll need
- Helmet
- Cereal Box - Maple Pecan from Trader Joe's is preferred. So delicious.
- Scissors
- Tape
- Glue stick (not shown)
- Entire case of beer (not shown)
- Printout of some wings... template is attached, so you have no excuses for not doing this immediately.

Step 2: Tape & Cut

Picture of Tape & Cut
Tape the template to the cereal box, cut that motha out.  Easy peasy.

Step 3: Make it stick

Picture of Make it stick
Use a glue stick to laminate the printout to the cereal box cutout. Use something flat & heavy to compress it together... in this example a case of beer is the best tool for the job.

Step 4: TAPE IT!

Picture of TAPE IT!

Now you are just like Hermes, the Olympian who was really freaking fast.  Nothing can stop you now, so go bike, board, skate, pogo-stick like the wind!
daviafleming made it!1 year ago

I made mine out of hobby polycarbonite plastic sheeting, spray painted the back side white and just used industrial sharpie for the lines. I Velcroed mine so it would help slightly bend the wings so they wouldn't stick out so far. And it worked perfectly.

jontramos (author)  daviafleming1 year ago

Oh my! that is 100,000x better than mine! Nice work! Where do you ride?

Around Portland and Gresham area of Oregon

VAustin893 months ago

velcro would be nice, you could make a minotaur's horn or other ornaments and stick it when you want a different look.. haha

I just ordered white plastic hobby sheeting from amazon. I'm going to take this same idea but make it waterproof since I live in the pacific northwest.

Super rad. Back when I was a bike messenger I'd have loved to rock this.s

samalert1 year ago

Thats very funny. Imagine someone actually wearing on bike and those wings flapping. Love it !

That looks cool